Signage installation

Screen Signs is a company that offers signage installation services for any type of sign suitable for a building, vehicle, retail shop or office.

We can install your signage

Our signage company has been installing signage since 1997. 

For more than 25 years we have been helping small, medium and large businesses, schools as well as local councils and even retail shops to design, product and install signs on buildings or vehicles. 

We can install signage for an office, shop, warehouse, factory or other types of structures.

1. Signage installation

If you are ready to get signage installed then we firmly believe in making the process as easy as possible by offering a free consultation to talk about your ideas & needs. Old fashioned service for every business owner.

2. Install

Using your brief, our company can design and produce the signage you need or alternatively we can be the installation service that puts it all in place for you. We do a site inspection first to make sure it will be suitable.

3. Site

If required we will attend on the day of the installation service to make sure the site is fully prepared. This may mean the area is secured to keep pedestrians safe, any old signage is removed or the area is cleared of any dirt or debris ready for the new installation.

4. Final

Our signage company will arrive on the scheduled booking time to being your signage installation. 

We can manage the whole process from design, printing through to getting the signage installed no matter where it is going to be located.

What signage installations can we provide?

At Screen Signs, we are dedicated to illuminating your brand’s presence, ensuring it stands out and speaks volumes in Newcastle. We are your trusted partner for all signage installation needs, offering bespoke solutions tailored to businesses, offices, retail shops, schools, and various other locations across the city.

Quality craftsmanship:
We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality, ensuring every sign we install is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, durability, and visual appeal. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to excellence, meticulously designing and installing signs that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Customised solutions:
Every business and location is unique, and so should be its signage. At Screen Signs, we offer customised signage solutions, ensuring your brand’s uniqueness, values, and personality are vividly and accurately represented. Whether it’s intricate designs for retail shops, professional and sleek signs for offices, or informative and durable signage for schools, we’ve got you covered.

Full service suite:
Our services encompass the entire process – from the initial consultation, design, manufacturing, to the installation and maintenance of your signs. We ensure a hassle-free experience, managing every detail with precision and care.

Local expertise:
Being natives of Newcastle, we are attuned to the specific needs and preferences of the local market. We ensure your signs not only comply with local regulations but also resonate with the local audience, driving engagement and visibility.

Wide range of options:
We specialize in a diverse array of signs including, but not limited to, identification, directional, informational, safety, regulatory, and promotional signage. Whatever your need, Screen Signs is equipped to deliver with excellence.

Our services include:

  • Consultation & Design: A personalised approach to understanding your needs, followed by the creation of bespoke designs that encapsulate your brand’s essence.
  • Sign writing & printing: Utilising cutting-edge technology and quality materials to produce signs that are both aesthetically pleasing and durable.
  • Installation: A team of skilled technicians ensuring your signs are installed safely, securely, and positioned for optimal visibility.
  • Maintenance: Regular check-ups and maintenance services to ensure your signs remain in pristine condition, offering lasting service.


At Screen Signs, we don’t just install signs; we bring your brand to life, ensuring it shines bright amidst the competition. Trust us to transform your brand’s visibility, aesthetics, and messaging through signs that tell your story, crafted with excellence and installed to perfection. Take the first step towards amplifying your brand’s presence in Newcastle. Contact Screen Signs – where quality, innovation, and service excellence converge, illuminating your brand for the world to see.

signage installation

Building signage

Screen Signs is your ultimate partner for top-tier building signage installation. Our expertise is crafted to meet the needs of businesses, retailers, schools, and commercial services alike. We specialize in creating impactful first impressions, ensuring your establishment stands out with elegance and clarity. 

Our team of professionals meticulously designs, manufactures, and installs bespoke building signs, tailored to your brand’s aesthetic and functional needs. We prioritise quality, durability, and precision, ensuring each sign we install is a testament to excellence, effectively communicating your brand’s message while seamlessly blending with the architectural nuances of your building. 

Choose Screen Signs, and let your building narrate your brand’s story with eloquence and distinction.


Screen Signs installing new shop awning signage for a hairdresser in Wallsend

Shop awning signage

At Screen Signs, we transform your shop’s awning into a canvas of brand expression. Catering to retailers, businesses, and commercial services, we design and install awning signs that are not just visually appealing but are also durable and effective. 

Every piece is a blend of artistry and craftsmanship, ensuring your shop captures attention and remains etched in the memories of passersby. Our signs are customised to mirror your brand’s ethos, offering a harmonious blend of colour, text, and imagery that speaks to your audience. 

Trust Screen Signs to elevate your shop’s façade, marrying aesthetics with functionality, ensuring your brand is seen, remembered, and revered.


sign writing cardiff newcastle Window signage design & installation in Cardiff Activated Concepts- Office Frost 2

Glass window signage

Screen Signs is renowned for transforming ordinary glass windows into captivating displays of brand messaging. 

We cater to a diverse clientele including businesses, retailers, schools, and commercial services. Our glass window signs are crafted with precision, balancing transparency and visibility to offer signs that are both informative and aesthetically pleasing. 

We use quality materials that ensure longevity and vibrancy, guaranteeing your message remains clear and vibrant. 

With Screen Signs, every window becomes an opportunity to communicate, connect, and convert. Your brand’s message, displayed with elegance and clarity, awaits the expert touch of Screen Signs.


sign writing cardiff newcastle Vehicle signage for a truck design & installation in Cardiff 20200417_130651

Van or truck signage

Screen Signs excels in maximising your brand’s visibility through tailored van and truck signage installations. We cater to the unique needs of businesses, commercial services, and retailers, transforming your van or truck into a canvas of brand expression on wheels. 

Every design is customised, ensuring your brand’s message is loud, clear, and visually compelling, reaching a diverse audience as your vehicle traverses the city. 

Quality, durability, and innovation are embedded in our service, ensuring your mobile billboard withstands the elements while captivating audiences. 

With Screen Signs, your brand is not just seen but remembered, echoing your message across streets and highways with authority.


Vehicle signage design installation in Cardiff for car ute or suv NHVR CW 62 LC PASSENGER SIDE 2

Car or suv signage

Drive your brand’s message across the city with Screen Signs’ exceptional car and SUV signage solutions. Ideal for businesses, retailers, schools, and various commercial services, we turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard, ensuring your brand’s voice travels far and wide. 

Our car and SUV signs are designed with adaptability, ensuring seamless installation without compromising the vehicle’s aesthetics. 

Durability, vibrancy, and readability are at the core of our service, ensuring your message remains impactful on the move. 

Choose Screen Signs, where mobility meets visibility, and let your brand traverse the paths of prominence with grace.


retail signage cardiff newcastle Internal retall shop signage design & printing in Cardiff installation

Retain indoor signage installation

Screen Signs is delighted to introduce our specialised service in retail indoor signage installation, meticulously crafted for businesses, schools, and various commercial entities. 

We understand the pivotal role indoor signs play in navigation, branding, and customer experience. Our team is dedicated to transforming your interior spaces into a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. Every sign we design and install is customised to resonate with your brand’s ethos, ensuring not just visibility but also engagement. 

We utilise cutting-edge technology and premium materials, ensuring each sign is a masterpiece of durability, clarity, and visual appeal. With Screen Signs, your indoor spaces are not just navigated; they are experienced, each sign a silent ambassador echoing your brand’s prestige and quality. 


Free signage quotation from a sign printing company in Cardiff
Free on quotes for signage installation

We believe in face to face discussions and provide free on site quotations about getting your signage installed where you need it

Building signs delivered & installation

We design, print, deliver & install all signage types suitable for inside or outside buildings

We make it easy for any business to get brand new internal or external building signage printed, delivered and installed. Our signage company provides a complete end to end service to make it really simple to have brand new signs to promote your business to potential customers. 

Our installation team has many years of experience working on different building structures, facades, walls, awnings and other construction types to install signage of all types.

Building signage installation service in Cardiff
High quality signage installed

A signage company that uses the best materials suited to your building signage

Our way of doing things is to focus on delivering quality first, that’s our company culture through and through. It may cost a little bit more but the materials and printing techniques that we use to produce building signage will mean they will be resistant to fading. Beautiful signage presented well will always create a great impression compared to tacky signs that are fading and hard to read. 

Your brand deserves to have a major presence both externally and internally, whether it’s a large, distinctive sign installed at the front of your building or an eye catching sign inside your building. At Screen Signs we have have designed, manufactured and installed high quality building signage for real estate agents, schools, local government, medical practitioners, chemists, corporate, clubs, pubs, retail, expos, events and more. 

Signage company in Cardiff using high quality materials for printing
See examples of our signage installations
Signage installation case studies
Site signage
Display and event signs
Site signage

Site safety signage Custom designed & printed site signage Design mock ups and printing Delivery available Adhere to safety regulations Indoor or outdoor use Contact us for a quote We

Feather Flags
Display and event signs
Feather Flags

Feather flag Custom designed feather flags Design mock ups and printing Delivery available Unlimited colour & style choices Indoor or outdoor use Contact us for a quote Feather flags, also

Vinyl banners
Display and event signs
Vinyl banners

Vinyl banner Sign writing for vinyl banners Design mock ups and printing Delivery available Unlimited colour & style choices Indoor or outdoor use Contact us for a quote Vinyl banners

Buy an Australian Flag
Australian National Flag

Australian Flag Design and printing of brand new Australian flags Choice of flag material types In stock and ready to order From $75 to $195 ex gst We are proud

Vehicle graphic sign writer Cardiff Newcastle
Vehicle signs
Vehicle graphics

Vehicle graphics & logos Design and printing of vehicle graphics Design mock ups included Design and installation Unlimited colour & style choices From $236 to $373.75 ex gst Vehicle graphics

Flyer sign writing or printing in Cardiff Newcastle
Printed items

Flyer design & printing Design and printing of flyers Design mock ups included Delivery available Unlimited colour & style choices Contact us for a quote Flyers are the simplest way


We take pride in being one of the leading signage installation companies in Cardiff, servicing the broader Newcastle region. Our dedication to exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and outstanding customer service sets us apart from the competition. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, and that begins with providing accurate signage quotes, transparent communication, and on-time project delivery.

Whether you require large-scale building signs, elegant corporate building signage, or vibrant awning signage, our team has the expertise and creativity to bring your vision to life then get it installed professionally. We understand that every business is unique, and we tailor our signage solutions to suit your specific needs, budget, and brand guidelines.

Ready to take the next step in enhancing your business’s professional image? Contact us today for a personalised, on site, consultation and let us guide you through the process of creating impactful and effective building signage. Trust Screen Signs for all your signage needs, and experience the difference our expertise and commitment can make for your business.

Our comprehensive signage solutions can help businesses of all types, from corporate buildings to retail shops or tradie workshops, elevate their professional image through top-quality signage. With our expertise in advertising signs, awning signage, and external building signage, we can be your trusted sign company for any your signage installation needs.

When you partner with us, you gain access to our full suite of signage services. We handle everything from signage design, printing to installation, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for you. Our sign manufacturing process utilises state-of-the-art technology and premium materials, guaranteeing durable and eye-catching signage that withstands the test of time and weather conditions.

Local businesses that have used our signage

Get a quote to get custom designed and printed signage

With just a few details we can quickly give you pricing to get signage designed and printed for your building, retail shop, vehicle or event. Screen Signs is a sign writing service in Cardiff near Newcastle.

Sign writing service in Cardiff Newcastle that can design and print signage