Back to school retail promotional signs

Our sign shop can design a package of signs to use on windows, doors, security screens, end caps or the ceiling to promote your back to school offers
Back to school promotional retail signs

Back to school retail promotional sign design & printing

Back to school signs with window display in a retail store
  • Create new signs for a retail store running back to school promotions
  • Attract more customers to your store with back to school signage
  • Back to school signage for windows, shelves, checkouts & other locations
  • Back to school signs designed and printed for the Central Coast, Newcastle & Hunter region 

Our sign shop in Cardiff on the Central Coast of NSW in Australia can design and print back to school signage for retail stores that are doing promotions.  In the retail industry, January and February are pivotal months for capitalising on the back-to-school season, a period ripe with opportunities for boosting sales. During this time, parents and students are actively seeking supplies and clothing for the upcoming school year, making it an ideal moment for retail shops to launch targeted promotions. 

Running back-to-school promotions during these months can significantly grow a retail store’s sales by tapping into the specific needs and shopping behaviour of this demographic. After the holiday season, parents are often on the lookout for deals to offset their holiday spending. Back-to-school promotions in January and February perfectly align with this mindset, offering appealing discounts and deals on school-related products. Using this type of strategic timing not only increases foot traffic but also positions your retail store as a go-to destination for school essentials that can probably increase sales each year. 

It almost goes without saying that to maximise the impact of these promotions, effective signage is crucial. A sign writer can create a variety of eye-catching and informative signs to make the shop, products, and promotions highly visible to anyone doing their shopping or walking past your store. 

Window graphics and clings are perfect for storefronts, capturing the attention of passersby with vibrant designs and details of the back-to-school offers. Inside the store, aisle signs and hanging banners can guide customers to the specific products on sale, enhancing the shopping experience and encouraging purchases.

Floor decals are another innovative option, leading customers through a path in the store that highlights back-to-school merchandise. A-frame signs can be placed either in the store or outside to attract nearby foot traffic, while even feather flag banners can be used for broader visibility around the shopping area.

By implementing these varied types of signage, retail shops can effectively communicate their back-to-school promotions, making their offerings highly visible and appealing to the shopping crowd. This strategic approach not only enhances the store’s visibility but also significantly contributes to sales growth during the crucial back-to-school season.

The most popular types of back to school signs

Creating back to school signs for retail shop promotions

For any retailer whether they are large or small there is a variety of signage options that can be used on their own (or together) to effectively promote ‘Back to School’ promotional campaigns. Each type of sign serves a specific purpose and can be placed strategically to maximise visibility and impact that will be suitable to your physical location.

The choice you make will depend whether you are inside a large shopping centre or located on a high street location on a main road. Our sign shop can help you decide which types of signs will be most suitable & have them designed to specifically suit your retail store. We can even use the graphics and other visual assets that you may be using for your website, printed brochures, catalogues or digital advertising to make your online and offline campaign activity cohesive.

Here are the most popular types of back to school signs we get asked to design and print:

  • Window Graphics: Placed on storefront windows, these can attract the attention of passersby. They can showcase vibrant images, promotional messages, and special deals related to ‘Back to School’. A whole window can be covered so that the signage is large, bold and very visible from a distance.
  • A-Frame Signs: Positioned on the footpath or near the store entrance, A-frame signs can catch the eye of pedestrians and draw them into the store. They are ideal for highlighting daily specials or limited-time offers. You can buy an A-frame sign that can have hand written messages on it which can be changed each day or week as needed.
  • Banners and Hanging Signs: Used inside the store, these can be hung from the ceiling over specific aisles or sections dedicated to ‘Back to School’ products, guiding customers towards the merchandise. A whole aisle or bay can be dressed up with kickboards and other materials to ‘brand’ a section completely.
  • Floor Decals: Strategically placed on the store floor, these can lead customers through a path that showcases back-to-school products, effectively guiding the shopping experience. They could be directional arrows, large promotional offers or other elements to lure someone to follow the trail.
  • Vinyl Banners: Mounted on light poles in the parking lot or along the streets leading to the store, or even a fence, these can extend the reach of the promotion beyond the store, catching the attention of drivers and pedestrians.
  • End Cap Displays: Located at the end of aisles, these signs draw attention to special ‘Back to School’ merchandise or promotions and are effective at encouraging impulse buys as people are walking through the main areas of your retail store.
  • Checkout Counter Signs: Small signs at the checkout area can promote last-minute ‘Back to School’ deals or highlight loyalty program benefits tied to the promotion.
  • Point of Purchase (POP) Signs: These can be standalone signs or displays placed near the relevant ‘Back to School’ products, providing detailed information about the products or promotions.
  • Pull-Up Banners: These portable signs can be placed in various locations throughout the store, especially near entrances or in areas with high foot traffic, to promote specific ‘Back to School’ deals. They can even be placed next to a bulk stack of products that are on sale.

By strategically placing these varied types of signage, as a retailer you can effectively communicate their ‘Back to School’ promotions to different segments of their customer base, both outside and inside your store on the Central Coast in NSW to enhance visibility and drive sales.

Benefits of getting back to school signs from a sign writer

If you engage a sign writer you can have your own custom made back to school signage designed and printed to suit your specific retail location. Instead of ordering generic materials we can customise the size, shape, quantity and design of your materials. By working with our sign writing service you will be guaranteed to get the following benefits

  • Visibility: Every design will be visible and clear from a distance. We design and print signs like banners and flags that are easily readable and attract attention, ensuring your message is effectively communicated to people nearby.
  • Design: The design of any signage is crucial. We design signs that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, aligning with any school brand identity as needed. This includes matching logo colours, typography and design layout.
  • Durability: For outdoor signs, durability is a major concern. The banners and flags that we produce can withstand weather conditions and general wear and tear, ensuring longevity. The materials we use won’t fade or deteriorate quickly.
  • Affordable prices: Everything we do is done in our sign shop on the Central Coast so that what we print is a cost-effective solution that does not compromise on quality. 
  • Installation options: We provide a range of installation and maintenance options. Our hassle-free installation services and signs are easy to maintain and update, if necessary.
  • Customisation: Each school has unique needs, so we provide customisation options. This includes being able to update or change a banner, flag or sign without significant additional costs.
  • Fast delivery: We can  need their signs to be ready by a certain deadline, especially for events. Delays can have significant repercussions, so they look for reliable service providers who can deliver on time.
  • Communication: Good communication throughout the process is vital. Customers worry about not being kept in the loop or encountering misunderstandings regarding their specifications.
How to organise new signs?

For any retail store to order new back to school signs it is easy to engage with a professional sign shop like Screen Signs. This process involves several stages, from initial concept development to the final installation of the signage. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the steps a school would typically need to follow:


Define the Requirements: The first step is to clearly define what the school needs. This includes deciding on the type of signage (banners, flags, or signs), the number of items, their sizes, where they will be displayed (indoors or outdoors), and the intended purpose (e.g., promoting an event, way finding, branding). Also, consider any specific design elements like the school’s colours, logo, or mascot.


Budget Planning: Before approaching a sign shop, the school should establish a budget for the project. This will help in selecting materials and designs that fit within financial constraints. Keep in mind that more complex or larger signs will generally be more expensive.


Research and Select a Sign Shop: Look for a reputable sign shop with experience in creating educational signage. Recommendations from other schools or online reviews can be valuable. It’s important to choose a provider that can handle the entire process from design to installation.


Initial Consultation: Schedule a meeting with the chosen sign shop to discuss your requirements. This is the time to convey your ideas, objectives, and any specific design preferences. The sign shop may ask questions about the school’s brand identity, the target audience for the signage, and how long the signs are expected to last.


Design Phase: The sign shop will then move on to the design phase. They may present several design options based on the initial consultation. This stage often involves a few iterations as feedback is given and adjustments are made. Be clear about what you want but also be open to suggestions from the designers, who bring expertise in what works visually and practically.


Approval and Finalisation: Once a design is selected, the school should thoroughly review and approve it. Check for any spelling errors, design inconsistencies, or colour mismatches. This step is crucial as it’s difficult to make changes once the printing process has started.


Material Selection and Printing: The sign shop will advise on the best materials for the signage, considering factors like durability, cost, and where the signage will be displayed. After material selection, the sign shop will proceed with printing.

Our range of signs adaptable for back to school promotions

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