School banners and flags

See how our sign shop in Cardiff on the Central Coast of NSW in Australia can work with your school to design and print banners or flags
School banners and flags

Buying new school banners and flags

  • Schools can use feather flags for events or to promote enrolments
  • Vinyl banners can be used by schools on fences or walls
  • Any type or size of banner or flag can be designed & printed for a school to use

Our sign shop in Cardiff on the Central Coast of NSW in Australia is a school signage company that works with local schools to design and print banners or flags to use at their location. We have printed banners and flags for pre-schools, primary and secondary schools located on the Central Coast of NSW.

School signage like vinyl banners can be designed and printed in a wide range of sizes to be hung from a fence or wall either indoors or outdoors. There are lots of flags to choose from including feather banner flags or even a new Australian flag that a school can use anywhere at their location for students, teachers and parents.

Our sign shop loves printing school banners and flags for teachers or principals and we promise to provide;

  • Visibility: Every design will be visible and clear from a distance. We design and print signs like banners and flags that are easily readable and attract attention, ensuring your message is effectively communicated to people nearby.
  • Design: The design of any signage is crucial. We design signs that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, aligning with any school brand identity as needed. This includes matching logo colours, typography and design layout.
  • Durability: For outdoor signs, durability is a major concern. The banners and flags that we produce can withstand weather conditions and general wear and tear, ensuring longevity. The materials we use won’t fade or deteriorate quickly.
  • Affordable prices: Everything we do is done in our sign shop on the Central Coast so that what we print is a cost-effective solution that does not compromise on quality. 
  • Installation options: We provide a range of installation and maintenance options. Our hassle-free installation services and signs are easy to maintain and update, if necessary.
  • Customisation: Each school has unique needs, so we provide customisation options. This includes being able to update or change a banner, flag or sign without significant additional costs.
  • Fast delivery: We can  need their signs to be ready by a certain deadline, especially for events. Delays can have significant repercussions, so they look for reliable service providers who can deliver on time.
  • Communication: Good communication throughout the process is vital. Customers worry about not being kept in the loop or encountering misunderstandings regarding their specifications.

Feather banner flags for schools

A feather banner flag, often referred to simply as a feather flag, is a distinctive type of advertising banner and a popular tool for both indoor and outdoor display requirements activities. Shaped like a bird’s feather, hence the name, these flags offer a unique and dynamic way of drawing attention due to their tall, narrow design and waving motion in the breeze. Typically made from lightweight and durable materials like polyester or nylon, feather flags are designed to withstand various weather conditions, making them an ideal choice for use outdoors.

One of the defining characteristics of a feather flag is its flexibility in terms of design and customisation. They can be printed with vivid colours and graphics, allowing for high visibility and making them highly effective for brand promotion, advertising messages, or directions. This can include incorporating a school logo, specific colours or even photos from school activities into the design. This customisation aspect is particularly beneficial for schools that wish to showcase messaging or design in an eye-catching manner.

The structural design of feather flags often includes a flexible pole, which is usually made from materials like fibreglass or aluminium. This pole not only supports the flag but also allows it to sway gracefully, capturing the attention of passersby. The base of the flag can vary depending on the intended use; options include ground spikes for outdoor use in soil or grass, cross bases for indoor or hard surface applications, and even weighted bases for extra stability in windy conditions. It means they can be placed on the fence that goes around the school or a wall of a building etc.

Feather flags are easy to set up and dismantle, which makes them a favourite for events like school enrolments, sports events, festivals, parent teacher evenings and fetes. Their portability is another significant advantage, as they can be compactly stored and transported, making them a convenient option for taking to off site events like a sports carnival.

Here are some ways a school could utilise feather banner flags:

  • Entrance and Welcome Signs: Placed at the entrance of the school, these flags can warmly welcome students, staff, and visitors. They can feature the school’s logo, motto, or a welcome message.
  • Event Announcements: For sports events, theatre productions, fairs, or open days, feather banners can be used to advertise and direct attendees. They’re eye-catching and can be seen from a distance, making them ideal for drawing attention to special events.
  • Directional Signage: During events like sports meets, graduation ceremonies, or parent-teacher meetings, feather banners can be used to guide visitors to various locations within the school, such as the auditorium, sports field, or parking areas.
  • Celebrating Achievements: Schools can use these flags to celebrate achievements such as sporting victories, academic accomplishments, or arts and cultural successes. They can be customized with specific messages of achievement or congratulations.
  • Outdoor Classrooms or Activities: For outdoor classes, field days, or extracurricular activities, feather banners can mark different activity stations or areas. They can add a vibrant and organized atmosphere to outdoor settings.
  • School Festivals and Carnivals: During festivals or carnivals, feather banners can add to the festive decor while also serving practical purposes like identifying booths, stages, or areas for different activities.
  • Branding and Identity: Regularly displayed around the school grounds, these flags can reinforce school spirit and identity. They can feature the school colors, crest, or other branding elements.
  • Fundraising Events: For events focused on fundraising, these flags can draw attention to stalls, information booths, or the main event area. They can also be used to thank sponsors or partners.
  • Visitor Information: Feather banners can be used to provide information to visitors during open days or enrollment periods, directing them to the main office, information desk, or tour starting points.

Feather banner flags are durable, easy to set up and take down, and can be used both indoors and outdoors, making them an efficient and flexible signage option for schools.

Flags and flag poles for schools

New flags for a school
Our sign shop sells flag poles and flags including brand new Australian Flags that can be flown in the school grounds. We sell different size Australian Flags to suit different pole heights and they can be delivered anywhere in Australia.



New flag pole with installation for a school
The installation of a new flag pole in a school can be a significant event, symbolising not only the school’s pride and spirit but also its respect for national values and traditions. In Australia, schools often fly the Australian flag as a demonstration of national pride and to foster a sense of belonging and identity among students. The new flag pole in a school provides a focal point for such expressions, standing tall as a beacon of the community’s values and unity.

When a school decides to erect a new flag pole, it’s often a ceremonious occasion, reflecting the school’s commitment to upholding the values represented by the flags it flies, including the Australian flag. The Australian flag, with its distinctive Union Jack, Southern Cross, and Commonwealth Star, is a symbol of the nation’s history, diversity, and unity. Flying this flag at a school teaches students about national pride and respect for their country and its symbols. It also serves as a daily reminder of the country’s democratic values and rich heritage.

The flag pole itself is typically a sturdy structure, made to withstand the local weather conditions, ensuring that it can proudly display the flag throughout the year. The process of raising and lowering the flag can also be a part of school routines, often involving students in flag-raising ceremonies, which can be a moment of great pride and responsibility. These ceremonies can provide educational opportunities, where students learn about flag etiquette and the significance of the flag and other flags that the school may choose to fly, such as the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags, promoting cultural awareness and inclusivity.

Furthermore, the new flag pole can be a central point for special occasions, such as ANZAC Day, Australia Day, and other significant national events, allowing the school community to come together in remembrance, celebration, or reflection. It also fosters a sense of continuity and tradition, as generations of students learn the importance of these symbols and ceremonies.



Flag pole maintenance and repairs
If your school has an existing flag pole we can do repairs and/or maintenance to it to ensure it works correctly and can easily raise or lower a flag when required.

Vinyl banners for schools

Schools can effectively utilise vinyl banners in a variety of ways and locations, leveraging their durability, versatility, and visual appeal. Vinyl banners are an excellent medium for communication due to their robust nature, capable of withstanding various weather conditions, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Their versatility lies in the ease of customisation; they can be printed with any design, from simple text to complex graphics, in vibrant colours that capture attention including school logo, moto or other elements.


Outdoor placement
One prominent location for vinyl banners in schools is at the entrance or along the front fence. Here, they can serve as welcoming signs, displaying the school’s name, motto, or any special announcements like enrolment dates, upcoming events, or achievements. This placement ensures maximum visibility to students, parents, and visitors. In the outdoor playground or sports field, banners can be used to showcase school spirit during sports events, meets, or carnivals, highlighting team names, logos, or motivational messages.


Indoor placement
Inside the school, vinyl banners can be placed in hallways, the library, or the cafeteria to promote school clubs, upcoming plays, concerts, or other extracurricular activities. In the auditorium or gymnasium, they can serve as backdrops for assemblies, award ceremonies, or special guest events. These banners can add a professional touch to school events and are easily changeable for different occasions.


Vinyl banners for events
Another great use of vinyl banners is in temporary or seasonal displays. For events like book fairs, science exhibitions, art shows, or seasonal festivals, these banners can provide information, guide foot traffic, or simply add to the thematic decoration. Their easy-to-hang nature means they can be set up and taken down with minimal effort, making them convenient for event-specific use. Schools can use vinyl banners for fundraising efforts, displaying sponsors’ logos or information about fundraising events. This not only aids in the promotion of the event but also shows appreciation to sponsors, encouraging community involvement and support.


Vinyl banners offer schools a dynamic and effective tool for communication and decoration. Their durability, ease of customisation, and visual appeal make them suitable for a wide range of applications, from everyday signage to special event decoration and promotion.

Other types of signs that schools can use

Window frosting for school classroom

Window frosting

If a school has offices, meeting rooms, classrooms or staff areas with glass windows or glass panels they can have window frosting applied to them to create greater privacy.

Standard Frosted Film: This is the most common type, offering a classic matte finish that resembles etched glass. It obscures the view while allowing light to filter through, providing privacy without darkening the room. Standard frosted film is ideal for office partitions, bathroom windows, or any space where privacy is desired.

Decorative Frosted Film: These films come in various patterns and designs, ranging from simple geometric shapes to intricate floral patterns. Decorative frosted films are often used to add a design element to the space while also providing the functional benefits of privacy and light diffusion.

Gradient Frosted Film: Gradient films transition from a frosted to a clear finish (or vice versa), either vertically or horizontally. This type of frosting is particularly useful in office environments where partial privacy is needed without completely blocking the view.

Custom Cut Frosted Film: These films are custom cut to create specific designs, logos, or text. They are often used in corporate settings for branding purposes or in homes for personalised decor.


Window decal signage for a school business office or shop

Window signage

Window signage comes in a variety of types, each serving specific purposes and offering different benefits. Most schools would have window signage on the admin office doors, principal’s office or even the canteen

Vinyl Decals: These are adhesive graphics printed on vinyl material, ideal for both short-term window signage. They can be cut into various shapes and sizes and applied to the inside or outside of the window and last for months or even years.

Window Clings: Unlike vinyl decals, window clings use static electricity to adhere to glass. They are perfect for temporary signage as they can be easily removed and repositioned without leaving residue.

Frosted Window Films: Providing a look similar to etched glass at a more affordable price, frosted films are often used for privacy, adding an elegant and sophisticated touch. They can be customised with designs or logos.

Perforated Window Signs: Made from a material with tiny holes, these signs allow for one-way visibility. They display a design on the outside while maintaining the ability to see out from the inside, which is great for full-window information without blocking the view.

Window Lettering: This involves cut-out letters and numbers that can be applied directly to the window, commonly used for displaying a teacher’s name, classroom name etc. 

A frame sign for a school

A frame signs

A frame signs are very portable and are used by lots of schools to indicate parking locations, directions to an enrolment office, canteen specials or even playground usage requirements.

Event Direction and Information: During school events like sports days, fairs, concerts, or parent-teacher meetings, A-frame signs can be strategically placed to direct attendees to various locations such as parking areas, entrances, event venues, or specific activity stations.

Welcome Signs: Placed at the school entrance during special events or on a daily basis, these signs can welcome students, staff, parents, and visitors, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Safety and Regulation Notices: A-frame signs are useful for displaying safety information, like pedestrian routes, traffic directives during drop-off and pick-up times, or areas that are off-limits due to maintenance or safety reasons.

Canteen Menus and Daily Announcements: In the school cafeteria or common areas, these signs can display daily menu options, special meal deals, or daily announcements and reminders for students.

Way finding During Open Days and Enrolment Periods: During open days, orientation, or enrolment periods, A-frame signs can guide prospective students and their families around the campus, indicating key areas like the administration office, auditorium, or specific department locations.

Celebrating Achievements: Schools can use A-frame signs to celebrate and showcase student achievements, upcoming award ceremonies, or notable alumni success stories.

Promoting Extracurricular Activities: These signs can be used to promote clubs, after-school activities, upcoming tryouts for sports teams, or auditions for school plays and musicals.

Fundraising and Charity Events: For fundraising events, A-frame signs can advertise the event details, direct participants and donors, and thank sponsors and contributors.

Emergency Procedures and Drills: In the event of an emergency or during drills, A-frame signs can provide clear instructions or direct students and staff to assembly points or evacuation routes.

Working with a school signage company to get new signs

For a school to get new signage like banners, flags, or signs designed and printed, engaging with a professional sign shop like Screen Signs is a crucial step. This process involves several stages, from initial concept development to the final installation of the signage. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the steps a school would typically need to follow:

Define the Requirements: The first step is to clearly define what the school needs. This includes deciding on the type of signage (banners, flags, or signs), the number of items, their sizes, where they will be displayed (indoors or outdoors), and the intended purpose (e.g., promoting an event, wayfinding, branding). Also, consider any specific design elements like the school’s colors, logo, or mascot.

Budget Planning: Before approaching a sign shop, the school should establish a budget for the project. This will help in selecting materials and designs that fit within financial constraints. Keep in mind that more complex or larger signs will generally be more expensive.

Research and Select a Sign Shop: Look for a reputable sign shop with experience in creating educational signage. Recommendations from other schools or online reviews can be valuable. It’s important to choose a provider that can handle the entire process from design to installation.

Initial Consultation: Schedule a meeting with the chosen sign shop to discuss your requirements. This is the time to convey your ideas, objectives, and any specific design preferences. The sign shop may ask questions about the school’s brand identity, the target audience for the signage, and how long the signs are expected to last.

Design Phase: The sign shop will then move on to the design phase. They may present several design options based on the initial consultation. This stage often involves a few iterations as feedback is given and adjustments are made. Be clear about what you want but also be open to suggestions from the designers, who bring expertise in what works visually and practically.

Approval and Finalisation: Once a design is selected, the school should thoroughly review and approve it. Check for any spelling errors, design inconsistencies, or colour mismatches. This step is crucial as it’s difficult to make changes once the printing process has started.

Material Selection and Printing: The sign shop will advise on the best materials for the signage, considering factors like durability, cost, and where the signage will be displayed. After material selection, the sign shop will proceed with printing.

A sign shop that does school signage

Screen Signs, a specialist in the field of educational signage, offers bespoke design and printing services tailored specifically for schools. Our expertise lies in understanding the unique requirements of educational institutions, and we deliver an extensive range of signage options that enhance both the functional and aesthetic aspects of a school setting.

Prominently featured in our portfolio are customised entrance signs for schools. These signs, often the first interaction point for students, staff, and visitors, are crafted to echo the school’s values and identity. Options range from simple, welcoming designs to elaborate, illuminated signage that proudly displays the school’s emblem and slogan.

For everyday functionality, directional and way finding signage is crucial. Screen Signs excels in creating clear, easy-to-navigate signs for hallways, classrooms, and campus pathways, facilitating efficient movement throughout the school premises even in driveways or parking areas.

Understanding the critical nature of safety, we offer a variety of safety and regulatory signs. Essential for marking emergency exits, assembly points, and specific regulation zones such as non-smoking areas, these signs are integral to maintaining a secure school environment.

In celebrating school spirit and events, vinyl banners and flags stand out. Perfect for rallying support at sports matches, announcing school plays or concerts, or acknowledging academic successes, these banners and flags are versatile for use in both indoor gatherings and outdoor events.

For lasting impact, our wall graphics and murals transform school walls into captivating and educational displays. Be it historical timelines, inspirational quotes, or educational illustrations, these murals significantly enrich the learning atmosphere. At Screen Signs, our commitment is to provide schools with high-quality, long-lasting, and visually engaging signage solutions, tailored to meet their distinct needs, thereby fostering an environment that is both informative and inspirational for students and staff alike.

See our range of signs available for schools

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