New signage for a cafe in Warners Bay

If you open a new cafe you can get signage for the awning, roof, windows or even a mobile coffee cart, see how we do it
Signage for a cafe in Warners Bay

Cafe signage for outdoor use

The owners of Fox and Willow have a great retail shop selling clothes and accessories on the esplanade at Warner’s Bay. They wanted to bring even more customers to their shop and decided to build a new cafe at the rear of their store. So a new cafe called Shirley’s Canteen located in Warner’s Bay NSW was created and they wanted new signs for their business. 

Very cleverly they purchased a mobile coffee trailer, outdoor seating and created an area at the rear of their store that felt like a new cafe that customers could enjoy. They engaged our sign writing expertise to create new signage that could be used outdoors to brand the cafe and make it easily identifiable by people walking or driving by.

These are the types of signs our sign writing service in Cardiff near Newcastle can design, print and install.

Buying new indoor and outdoor signage for a cafe in Warners Bay

The cafe wanted design ideas for new signs that could be used outdoors and this included;

  • Printing and installation of decals to the cafe exterior
  • Printing and installation of the new graphics for the cafe outdoor pedestrian barriers around the seating area
  • Applying new vinyl to the way finding parking signs with new logos
  • Printing and installing new building signage onto the fascia of the wall
  • Manufacturing and printing three new metal faces for their outdoor A-Frame signs

Lots of business owners in Warner’s Bay are always thinking about new ways to increase their customer base and sales. Typically they will try and sell more products or services from the existing business. So if you have a clothing store you want to sell more clothes by introducing new products, having a promotional sale or selling new items to suit seasonal periods. 

In other cases an existing retail business might decide to diversify what they sell, broaden the type of people they attract to their business by offering new products or services. The owners of Fox and Willow could have decided to offer personal styling services, custom size dress fitting or other complimentary services to suit the sale of more clothing.

Although, what they decided to do was build a new cafe at their location to attract more people to their shop. By creating a new reason for people to visit they can create a new profit / revenue stream but also add a way to increase in foot traffic visiting their shop. Rather than build an extension to their existing retail shop or take space away from the existing floor plan they decided to get approval to use the space behind their shop to build a new cafe.

If you build any type of retail shop such as a cafe, take away shop, fruit shop etc then one of the biggest priorities has to be branding the space so that it stands out (and is clearly visible) from the street when people drive by or from the footpath if people are walking past. So their sign writing brief to us was design new signage ideas that could promote both businesses while at the same time create a separate outdoor area for the cafe that was clearly visible as a stand alone business that people could visit.

To achieve this we suggested updating the existing building signage, install decals and graphics on the outdoor coffee cart van and adding moveable outdoor pedestrian barriers to mark out the area for people to sit with visible signage. This was then complimented with new metal outdoor A-Frame signs that could be placed in the car park or foot path as needed to attract passersby.

By getting new signs designed and installing at each of these locations they could immediately attract people walking or driving by.

What are the benefits of buying new signs for a cafe?

In the competitive world of cafes, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. One often overlooked yet incredibly impactful way to make a lasting impression on customers is through bold new cafe signage that can attract people looking for a coffee or some food. Your cafe’s signage is not just a way finding tool; it’s a powerful marketing tool that can significantly influence customer perception and drive sales if used correctly.

This is why you should get new signs for your cafe that are placed on the fascia, awning, windows, menu boards or even your vehicles. The primary reasons for doing this are;

  • First impressions count: Your cafe signage is often the first point of contact between your business and potential customers. New, well-designed signage can create a positive and lasting first impression, drawing customers into your cafe. Outdated or poorly maintained signs, on the other hand, can give the impression of neglect and lack of care by the business. A customer won’t say anything to you about it, but it forms part of their perception about your cafe or the food it serves.
  • Enhanced brand image: As your business evolves, so should your brand image. New signage provides an opportunity to refresh your brand’s aesthetics, aligning it with your current values and target audience. Consistent branding across all touch points, including signage, reinforces brand recognition and loyalty.
  • Increased visibility: Contemporary cafe signage designs can incorporate elements that make your store stand out. The strategic use of colors, lighting, and fonts can enhance visibility, especially in crowded commercial areas. This increased visibility can attract foot traffic and improve overall awareness of your store, especially for signage that is lit up at night.
  • Promotes sales and offers: New cafe signage allows you to effectively promote ongoing sales, discounts, or special offers. Dynamic displays can capture attention and drive impulse purchases. Digital signage, in particular, enables you to easily update content, keeping customers informed about your latest deals.
  • Reflects innovation: If your old cafe signage looks outdated, it can send the message that your business is behind the times. Investing in new, innovative signage showcases your commitment to staying current and meeting customer expectations.
  • Better navigation: Clear and well-designed cafe signage helps customers navigate your store effortlessly. This leads to a better shopping experience, as customers can quickly find what they’re looking for. In contrast, confusing or unclear signs can frustrate customers and lead to missed opportunities.
  • Improved aesthetics: Old and deteriorating signs can contribute to an overall shabby appearance. On the other hand, new signage contributes to a fresh and attractive ambiance that invites customers to explore and shop longer.
  • Personalised customer experiences: Modern signage technologies, such as interactive displays, can provide customers with personalized recommendations based on their preferences. This creates a unique shopping experience that sets your store apart.
  • Cost-effective marketing: Compared to many other marketing efforts, signage can provide long-lasting returns for a one-time investment. Well-designed and strategically placed signs continue to work for your business, attracting customers day in and day out.

Getting new cafe shop signs isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about strategically leveraging a valuable marketing tool. A fresh and appealing looking cafe can pull more people in compared to one that looks dirty or boring. You want to captivate potential customers, convey your brand’s identity, and ultimately drive sales. Whether through enhanced visibility, better navigation, or improved aesthetics, investing in cafe signage is an investment in the growth and success of your business short and long term.

How to get cafe sign design, removal and installation

Before we could install any of the new cafe signage we had to prepare all the surfaces to ensure the new materials would be adhesive and remain in place for a long time. Using surface cleaner to clean the café walls and the barriers we could then apply the new decals with the logo onto the window shades of the outdoor coffee van, then under the main serving counter area as well as the centre of each black café barrier. 

Just these two signage installations created a visual impact and branded the outdoor space for this cafe.

We then installed the new parking signs, delivered the A-Frame signs & updated the building sign. All up it took about 2 1/2 hours to complete the signage installation and the cost of this type of signage for a cafe would typically range from $500 inc gst to $3,000 inc gst depending on the size of the signage, materials used and how many individual installations there are.

Get new signs designed for your cafe

The focus for this cafe was to get the existing area branded with new signage so that it had a strong visual presence from the street. Although like most cafes you can also use other types of signage to promote your brand. More prominent removable signage could be placed on the site, vehicles can have signage applied to them or even the windows can be used, see some of the ideas;

  • Cafe vehicle logos & graphics; if the staff at Shirley’s Canteen decided to do catering or even drive the coffee trailer to a local event then the vehicle that tows it could have vehicle signage so that it is all branded & creates awareness as they drive around. The vehicle might be a car, ute, van or truck – each of these types of vehicles can have signage applied to the doors, bonnet, boot or even the windows.
  • Cafe shop outdoor banner flags; depending on the local council requirements and the size of the banner flag they may be able to place these on the corner of the street or outside their shop to attract attention. The movement of the banner flag with the breeze can catch someone’s eye and it is something different for people to notice and look at as they walk by.
  • Cafe shop window signage: the front of their retail store was facing the other side of the block, so one of the windows could have signage applied to it that promoted the cafe at the rear. This could maximise the opportunity to attract people from the front or the rear of the store.
  • Cafe  building signage: Depending on the lease conditions a cafe or coffee shop might be able to install signage on the building they are trading from. We can install signs to a wall, awning, fascia or ceiling for any type of building so you can use the space to promote your brand.
  • Wayfinding signs for a cafe or coffee shop: The most basic signage that a cafe or coffee shop can use apart from menu boards is to have wayfinding signs that are put on the doors to show the opening times, directional signs for the location of the toilet or even the designated parking spaces for that location.

What types of cafe signage can we design & print?

Cafe shop signage can be strategically placed in various locations to effectively promote a store and attract customers. Here are some common locations and types of building signage used for retail shops that we get asked to design, print and install;

  • Printed Menus: The number one thing any cafe gets designed and printed are menus. We can help you design a menu that is single or multi page which is then printed on a variety of materials including plain paper if your menu changes often or more durable options that are laminated.

  • Facade Signage: This is the primary signage located on the exterior facade of a cafe. It includes the store’s name, logo, and sometimes tagline. Facade signage is highly visible and plays a crucial role in brand recognition and attracting foot traffic.
  • Window Graphics: Window displays are an excellent opportunity to showcase products, promotions, and the store’s identity. Vinyl graphics, decals, and window posters can be used to communicate special offers or new menu items or directions within the cafe.
  • Awnings and Canopies: Awnings not only provide shade but also offer space for additional signage. They can display the store’s name, logo, and sometimes a brief description of the products or services offered.
  • Footpath Signs: Also known as A-frame signs, these are placed on the sidewalk outside the store to capture the attention of passing pedestrians. They can showcase daily specials, new arrivals, or simply direct customers to the store entrance.
  • Roof Signage: If the retail shop is located in a multistory building, roof signage can be visible from a distance, helping customers locate the store easily.
  • Fascia Signage: This type of signage is mounted directly to the front of the building, usually just above the entrance. It provides essential information such as the store’s name, opening hours, and contact details.
  • Pylon Signs: Commonly used in shopping centers or areas with multiple stores, pylon signs are tall, freestanding structures that display the names and logos of several businesses. They are visible from a distance and help customers locate the retail shop.
  • Wall Murals: A creative and attention-grabbing option, wall murals can transform the exterior walls of a store into a visually appealing display that communicates the brand’s identity and message.
  • Banners and Flags: Hanging banners or flags can be placed on the building’s exterior to highlight special events, grand openings, or limited-time promotions.
  • Directional Signs: These signs guide customers to the store’s entrance or parking area. They are particularly useful in large shopping complexes or malls.
  • Entrance Decals: Placing decals on the entrance doors can create an inviting atmosphere and communicate important information, such as opening hours.

Choosing the right combination of signage types and locations depends on factors such as the cafe’s branding, location, target audience, available space that can be used and of course the budget available. An effective signage strategy considers both visibility and aesthetics to create a compelling and impactful storefront presence in any suburb.

Important considerations for new cafe signs

Designing effective cafe shop signage requires careful consideration of several factors to ensure that the signage not only captures attention but also effectively communicates the brand message and drives customer engagement for that shop. Here are the most important factors to consider when designing retail shop signage:

  • Branding consistency: Your signage should be an extension of your brand identity. Ensure that the colors, fonts, and overall design align with your brand’s existing visual elements. Consistency builds brand recognition and helps customers connect the signage to your business.
  • Clarity and simplicity: Keep the messaging simple and concise. Your signage should convey its message quickly and clearly, especially for those passing by. Avoid clutter and excessive information that can confuse or overwhelm viewers.
  • Readability: Choose fonts that are easily readable from a distance. Consider factors like font size, style, and color contrast to ensure that the text can be easily understood even from afar.
  • Visibility and contrast: High contrast between text and background enhances readability. Opt for colors that stand out against the surroundings. Consider the lighting conditions throughout the day; your signage should remain visible even in different lighting situations.
  • Message focus: Determine the primary message you want to convey through the signage. Whether it’s announcing a sale, showcasing a product, or highlighting your brand, make sure the message is clear and central.
  • Location consideration: Design your signage with its intended location in mind. The size, layout, and orientation should fit seamlessly within the space and maximise visibility.
  • Call to action: If applicable, include a compelling call to action (CTA). Whether it’s “Visit us today,” “Shop now,” or “Learn more,” a clear CTA prompts customers to take action.
  • Visual hierarchy: Arrange elements in a way that guides the viewer’s eye from the most important information to supporting details. Prioritize information based on its relevance and impact.
  • Material selection: Choose durable and weather-resistant materials that can withstand the elements, especially if the signage will be placed outdoors. The material should also align with your brand’s aesthetic.
  • Incorporate brand imagery: Including high-quality images or graphics related to your products, services, or brand can help create a more engaging and memorable experience.
  • Negative space: Don’t overcrowd the signage with elements. Negative space (empty areas) can help improve visual clarity and make the design more aesthetically pleasing. A lot of people feel like they need to fit every possible bit of information they can think of into their signage, what this often does it make it hard to ready, visually very busy & it ends up being confusing to the point people won’t even read it.
  • Adaptability: Consider how the signage design can be adapted for different sizes and formats, such as window displays, banners, or digital screens.
  • Regulations and guidelines: Check if there are any local regulations or guidelines that dictate the size, placement, or content of signage. Complying with these rules is essential to avoid any legal issues.
  • Timelessness: Aim for a design that won’t quickly become outdated. Trends change, so a timeless design will have a longer shelf life and won’t require frequent updates.

By carefully addressing these factors, you can create cafe shop signage that effectively captures attention, communicates your message, and contributes to a positive customer experience.

We hope you enjoyed our behind the scenes look at how another business has approached their new signage project. You can visit our sign writing shop in Cardiff near Newcastle in New South Wales. At Screen Signs, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and are always happy to come up with some mock up ideas to get things started.

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