New window signage for an automotive store

You can make your automotive store attract more customers with signage that covers each window to promote products, see how
Getting new window signage for an automotive store Central Coast

Storefront window signs for automotive retail shop

Our our sign writing shop in Cardiff near Newcastle in Australia can design, print and install storefront window signs for any type of retail shop whether they are located in bulky goods designated shopping areas, high street shopping strips or shopping centres. This is one of the best ways that any store, like an automotive retail shop, can increase its visibility and promote the products it sells. By installing storefront window signs you can cover each window of the store with new vinyl signage to display information about products or services you sell.

See how we helped Edgeworth Auto refresh all of their exterior storefront window signage in Newcastle for their automotive retail shop.

Getting new retail window signs designed & installed

Old signage example

This automotive retail store has been operating for many years in the Newcastle area. Their exterior signage was very prominent for their name, but they wanted to make it easier for potential customers to see what brands or products they sold in the store. All of their exterior surfaces were glass windows which was framed by their huge wall fascia that ran the length of the building.

They wanted to retain the signage that showed their name and phone number but wanted our sign writing design team to work out a solution to use all of the available retail window space that faced into the car park, foot path and road.

The answer was simple – install new retail window signage and use the available space on each panel to display promotional messaging. Specifically, we recommended new window graphics which can be designed and printed in vinyl to cover large areas of glass that are in windows or doors for retail sites.

This would enable the retail store to choose what products, brands or services would be displayed in separate window panels or across multiple panels.

How can you get shop window signage for a retail shop?

Screen Signs provides a complete sign writing service for shop window signage meaning we can help you with;

– window signage design

– organising all the necessary files and graphics

– creating different design layouts to choose from

– printing the required window signs

– removing old window signage

– installing the new window signage

You don’t need to work with any other services, contractors or companies, our sign writing shop in Cardiff near Newcastle can handle everything for you to make the process very easy. For this project our sign writers engaged with multiple suppliers to source all the required artwork, created the mock ups for approval and organised everything so that all we had to do was then install the new signage on site.

As you can see from the photos above that by putting window graphics on the outside of the retail shop it went from a mainly plain white location to a shop with lots of products, brand names and exciting things for people to see.

Can a retailer improve sales or profits by getting new retail window signage?

Ok sure sounds like a silly question right but a retailer can improve sales or profits by getting new window signage given its ability to create attention and action. In its simplest form window signage for any retail location just makes sense because you can use the available real estate on your windows to display brand, product, service or promotional information.

In most cases people get window signage to simply brand the location so that any existing or potential customers can identify where they are very quickly. It is also a great way to generate repeated impressions for your brand and what you do, no matter what industry segment you are in, there is value in getting people to see your name multiple times.

Although, window signage space holds immense potential for retailers to generate additional income in another way. In some cases, they can offer this space to their suppliers, partners or other 3rd parties to place their messaging onto. Retailers can create a mutually beneficial partnership that drives brand awareness, sales, and ultimately, profits. 

This is how it can be done;

Step 1: Identify Suitable Suppliers:

  • Start by identifying suppliers whose products resonate with your target audience and complement your overall brand image.
  • Prioritise brands that are actively seeking new marketing and advertising channels.
  • Consider offering tiered pricing based on the size and location of the window space and ‘sell’ the available space to them for a period of time.
  • You can not only recover the cost of the signage but make additional profit from the revenue raised by renting the space & selling more of the product or service that is promoted.


Step 2: Develop a Signage Agreement:

  • Create a formal agreement outlining the terms of the signage placement.
  • Specify the duration of the agreement, pricing structure, and any design restrictions.
  • Clearly define responsibilities for installation, maintenance, and removal of the signage.

Step 3: Design and Installation:

  • Collaborate with the supplier to design professional and visually appealing signage.
  • Ensure the signage complies with all applicable local regulations and size limitations.
  • Arrange for proper installation and positioning of the signage for maximum visibility.
  • Of course using a professional sign writer like Screen Signs can make this whole process easy.


Benefits for the retail installing new window signage?

  • Increased Profit: Generate additional revenue stream through the sale of window space.
  • Brand Synergies: Partner with reputable brands to enhance your own brand image and attract new customers.
  • Marketing Leverage: Share the cost of marketing and advertising with suppliers, promoting their products to your existing customers.
  • Improved Visibility: Attract more foot traffic with eye-catching window displays featuring popular brands.


Benefits for Suppliers:

  • Direct Exposure to Target Audience: Reach potential customers directly at the point of sale.
  • Increased Brand Awareness: Enhance brand recognition and visibility in a high-traffic location.
  • Improved Sales: Drive product sales and brand loyalty through targeted window advertising.
  • More space vs competitors; maybe part of the agreement will include additional space for stock inside the store that pushes out some of their competitors.

So in this example it could have been possible for some of the window panels to be ‘sold’ and others to be ‘owned’ by the retail shop to create a flexible way of using the promotional space.

The best part is that window signage can be removed and replaced so it can be changed every month or quarter for example.

What other types of signs could this retail store use?

For retail shops we can design other types of signage that can compliment window graphics. In this example we could have also made;

  • Retail shop outdoor banner flags; depending on the local council requirements and the size of the banner flag they may be able to place these on the corner of the street or outside their shop to attract attention. The movement of the banner flag with the breeze can catch someone’s eye and it is something different for people to notice and look at as they walk by.
  • Wayfinding signs for a retail shop: Wayfinding signs can be installed in the car park, the driveway or even inside the store to guide people to the toilet, where to park, different product sections or the check outs.

What types of retail shop signage are available?

Below is a small sample of the types of signage we can help you design or print that can be used in different ways for a retail store.

We hope you enjoyed our behind the scenes look at how another business has approached their new signage project. You can visit our sign writing shop in Cardiff near Newcastle in New South Wales. At Screen Signs, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and are always happy to come up with some mock up ideas to get things started.

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Kylie Wells

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Kylie and her husband run Screen Signs, a local sign writing business serving the Central Coast & Hunter region from their sign shop in Cardiff near Newcastle in Australia.

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