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Five reasons to install new window signage for your business

We explain five of the top reasons for installing new signage on your windows to help you grow your business
Five reasons to install new window signage for your business

Why you should get window signage for your business

  • Windows are under not maximised for promotional purposes
  • A business can increase sales using window signage
  • Window signage is cost effective

Our sign shop in Cardiff on the Central Coast of NSW can help a business design, print and install window signage that can brand a location or show off promotional messaging. It is one of the best ways to promote a physical location so that ‘see’ your business and what it offers.

Window signs can be installed on doors, glass panels or individual windows to draw attention to anyone walking or driving by your business whether it offers services, sells products or is a retail shop.

Why get window signage for a business?

One of the easiest and most overlooked methods of advertising is window signage. Window signage is an excellent way to raise awareness of your products and your brand. One of the best features of a window signage is that it can be customised the way you want. Here are few reasons that prove window signage is a great way to market your business;

1 – Window signage is an instant and inexpensive way to promote the awareness of your brand in the local area. It is also a great way to generate word of mouth publicity as prospective customers will know who you are and what you offer when they pass across your window signage.

2 – If you are giving some special offers, window signage is a great way of promoting your discount or combo offers. Customizing window signage to show your latest deals and offers will give an extra boost to your other marketing methods.

3 – A smart window decal placed at a strategic location can give a big push to your brand building efforts. A window signage places your brand in a customer’s sight and mind, and makes a great way of building brand recognition with your prospective audience.

4 – You can use window signage for not just marketing, but also in a way to direct customers to your brick and mortar shop or show them the right entrance. You can also use them to let customers know where the parking is for your store or the store timings. This ensures that your signage is not only advertising your brand but also providing information that can be useful for your customers.

5 – When you are tight on your marketing budget, you look for advertising methods that involve low investment and provide high returns. Window signage is definitely one of these types of marketing methods. Having signage costs less but has proven to lead to successful conversions for businesses.

Get window graphics, lettering or vinyl for a business

Window signage is effective for growing customer volumes and so simple to use. For any business, the key to sustainability is to keep the business growing constantly. To grow, the business needs to acquire new customers while retaining old ones. This is where marketing comes into spotlight. A business needs to tap on all avenues of marketing and ensure they have a comprehensive plan that utilises any space or resource available.

Windows are one of the biggest areas that are under utilised by any business. So much real estate is available that is simple left empty but it could be used to communicate product or service information.  Remember, not all marketing methods require regular investment, you just need to be smart and creative.

Window signage offers a variety of types, each serving different purposes and suitable for different business needs. Here’s an overview of the main types of window signage:

  • Vinyl Decals: These are adhesive graphics printed on vinyl material. They are versatile, can be cut into various shapes and sizes, and are suitable for both short-term promotions and long-term branding. They can be applied to the inside or outside of the window.
  • Frosted Window Films: These give the appearance of etched or frosted glass at a fraction of the cost. They are often used for adding privacy or creating a sophisticated aesthetic. They can be customised with designs or logos and be put on outdoor or indoor window glass panels like meeting rooms or waiting areas.
  • Perforated Window Signs: These are made from a material that has tiny holes in it, allowing for one-way visibility. From the outside, people see the design, but from the inside, you can see out. They are great for full-window advertisements without blocking light or visibility from inside.
  • Window Lettering: This includes cut-out letters and numbers that can be applied directly to the window. It’s commonly used for displaying business names, opening hours, and contact information.
  • Opaque Window Graphics: These are non-transparent and provide full coverage, ideal for full-window advertisements or designs. They are used when businesses want to completely cover the window with a design or message.
  • Transparent Window Graphics: These graphics are printed on a transparent material, allowing light to pass through. They are great for subtle branding or decorative purposes without obstructing the view.
  • LED Window Signs: These are electronic signs that can be placed in a window to display messages or graphics. They are highly visible, even at night, and can be changed frequently to display different messages.
  • Window Banners: These are typically hung inside the window and can be a cost-effective way to promote sales or events. They can be easily changed out for different promotions.
  • Contra Vision: Similar to perforated window signs, Contra Vision allows for one-way visibility with a graphic that is visible from the outside but transparent from the inside
As you can see our sign shop has a lot of options available to suit nearly any need.

The benefits of window signage for a business?

If your business has big windows in the front, back or side, don’t cover them up or close them. Use them so that the people passing by can take a sneak peek into your store and use window signage to promote your products, deals, offers and more.  In fact, window signage plays a dual role; on one hand it attracts people passing by and on the other hand it provides a layer of privacy to people inside the store. 

The benefits that window signage can give you include;

  • Effective Communication and Branding:
    You might be concerned about how well your window signage will communicate your brand message. It’s essential to have a design that is not only visually appealing but also conveys your business ethos and attracts your target audience.
  • Customisation and Aesthetic Appeal:
    Your business is unique, and your window signage should reflect that. Customisation is key to ensure the design, colours, and graphics align perfectly with your brand identity and the architectural style of your building.
  • Visibility and Impact:
    You need signage that stands out and can be easily seen by passersby, ensuring your business gets noticed. This includes choosing the right size, colours, and fonts that are readable and eye-catching.
  • It can last a long time:
    Since window signage is exposed to sunlight and possibly harsh weather, you need materials that are durable and fade-resistant to ensure your signage looks great for years. This reduces the costs to promote your business if they are in place for a long time period
  • Cost-effectiveness:
    Budget is always a consideration. You need a solution that offers good value for money, balancing quality with affordability. This includes considering long-term maintenance costs.
  • Energy efficiency:
    If your business relies on natural light, there are window signage options that don’t impact the interior light too much. The right materials and design can ensure your signage doesn’t overly darken your space.
  • Security
    Window signage can also offer an element of privacy to your business premises, which can be a bonus. It can obscure certain areas from public view without blocking out light completely.
See our range of window signs that we sell

We hope you enjoyed our behind the scenes look at how another business has approached their new signage project. At Screen Signs, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and are always happy to come up with some mock up ideas to get things started.

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