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Customisable signage solutions for any business

Customisable signage solutions for any business

Business signage solutions customised for any location

  • Our sign shop can create custom solutions for any business signage
  • We design and print business signs for indoor or outdoor use
  • We install business signage on buildings or offices

Our sign shop in Cardiff on the Central Coast of NSW can help a business design and print complete signage solutions to brand a location. We can help you create a solution that helps people ‘see’ your business with great signs that are on a pilon, wall, awning, fascia, fence, lightbox or vehicle that all look and feel the same to enhance your brand image. 

Signage solutions is what we specialise in for business owners who want to stand out from the crowd.

Why do you need a signage solution for your business?​

Signage solutions are essential for businesses for a variety of reasons. They play a crucial role in not only establishing a business but also in its ongoing promotion and advertising efforts, it is a given that any business with a physical presence would have signs because you need

  • To Create a Strong First Impression: Signage acts as the face of your business. It’s often the first point of contact with your customers, creating a lasting impression about your products and services. Well-designed signage introduces your brand and sets the tone for the customer experience.
  • Brand Build: Consistent and eye-catching signage helps build and reinforce your brand identity. It ensures that your business stands out and remains visible in a competitive market. This is especially important in corporate events, exhibitions, product launches, and seminars, where standing out is crucial.
  • Effective Promotions: Utilising different forms of signage, such as vehicle wraps, A-frames, and window signs, allows for a broad and dynamic advertising reach. These signages catch the eye of potential customers in various locations, from the streets to specific event venues.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing: Vehicle wraps, for instance, offer a cost-effective marketing strategy. They turn any vehicle into a moving advertisement, maximizing visibility wherever they go. The flexibility of these wraps allows for customization, ensuring that your business message is conveyed exactly how you want it.
  • Flexibility and Dynamism: For events and exhibitions, A-frame signage offers an ideal solution. Its double-sided display increases the advertising area, and its portability makes it highly versatile. Businesses can change the message frequently, adapting to different audiences and events, which is vital in the fast-paced business world.
  • Versatility of Options: Companies like Screen Signs provide a wide range of signage solutions including Floor Graphics, Window Signages, Banners, and Pole and Flag Signages. This variety ensures that there is a signage solution for every business need, whether it’s for indoor branding, outdoor advertising, or mobile marketing.
  • Engaging and Inform Customers: Signages are not just promotional tools; they also inform your customers. From guiding them at events to displaying contact information on vehicle wraps, signages serve a dual purpose of engaging and educating potential clients.
  • Standing Out in a Crowded Market: In a world where consumers are bombarded with information, distinctive and creative signages help your business to stand out. They draw attention and can significantly increase foot traffic to your business.


Signage solutions are an indispensable tool for any business. They enhance visibility, strengthen brand identity, offer cost-effective marketing, and provide the flexibility to adapt to different marketing needs and environments. They are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials and types to suit any type of application either indoors or outdoors.

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We hope you enjoyed our behind the scenes look at how another business has approached their new signage project. At Screen Signs, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and are always happy to come up with some mock up ideas to get things started.

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Kylie Wells
Kylie Wells

Kylie is the Director of Screen Signs and is passionate about helping local businesses promote themselves with signage for their building, retail shop, vehicles or other locations.

Kylie and her husband run Screen Signs, a local sign writing business serving the Central Coast & Hunter region from their sign shop in Cardiff near Newcastle in Australia.

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