New shop signage for a hairdresser in Wallsend

We helped this hairdresser in Wallsend complete a makeover of their retail shop with new window graphics, awning signage, lightbox, uniforms & business cards.
Hairdresser shop signage in Wallsend for Hair Truss Co

Shop signage for a hairdresser

Hairdressing has come a long way in the last 20 years and these days customers want to feel like they are walking into a day spa where they feel relaxed and in a luxurious space to escape day to day hassles. Hair Truss & Co engaged Screen Signs to help design, print and install new signage for their new hairdressing salon in Wallsend. The new signage was needed to coincide with their move into this new location and a brand refresh for the business.

The signage brief

The signage design brief that we received from Hair Truss & Co in Wallsend including;

  • New business card design and printing
  • New shop glass window one way signage design, printing & installation
  • New shop awning signage designed, printed and installed on the existing area.
  • New shop awning light box designed, printed and installed onto the existing fixtures. 

Essentially this was a local hairdressing business that wanted to create new signage to promote their retail shop front. It would mean a potential (or existing) customer could identify them while driving past, while walking on the opposite side of the road or walking on the footpath outside the shop itself. 

With a newly designed colour scheme and logo created by a graphic designer from May June Creative, the business can use this to present their brand the same way across multiple locations like their windows, awning, walls or even vehicles to make sure it is easy for customers to identify the brand anywhere. This can help to build long term brand equity as well as recognition.

Screen Signs helped with the design, printing, delivery & installation of each element so that all the old signage for this hairdressing salon could be removed, ready for the new ones to be installed. This was done after various mock ups and design ideas were presented that used the colour palette variations from their new style guide.

What are the benefits of new signage for a hairdresser?

Retail shop signage that has been up for many, many years can be really nice to look at from a nostalgia perspective. Although depending on the type of business it could also then give it a dated feeling to new potential customers. If you are running a retro-inspired hairdressing salon with 70’s or 80’s styling then old signage that is slightly faded and in a style that was used in that time period would be very suitable.

Although if the hairdressing shop is trying to portray a modern look with great services then it is important for the business owner to consider how the brand is being presented. Especially if the signage on the awning, window, website and social media don’t all look and feel the same. Fresh looking awning signage and window signs that are consistent with the brand’s positioning can help convince consumers to select that business.

Imagine this;

  • Store A – has been open for 40 years and still looks the same as it did when it first opened.
  • Store B – has been open for 10 years but completely refreshes their signage, colouring and internal fit out to present a modern, fresh look.


Where do you think most consumers will gravitate to in this modern day?

For this hair salon it was located in the major hub of Wallsend and quite a few business owners on the main shopping strip roads are updating their signage to remain competitive and attract new customers. This is one of the most cost effective ways to attract new customers because it is ‘working’ for you 7 days a week. If you use a light box in your awning signage and have the right interior lighting then your business can be promoted 24 hours a day whether it is daytime or the middle of the night.

A good business adapts its services and offerings to meet the needs of its core customer. An even better business recognises a changing demographic and rebrands when it is clear the current brand, tone, offering or look no longer speak to its customer base. 

There is no set time frame for when a business should consider a rebrand, it is important to stay abreast of changes in your industry and in your area like Hair Truss & Co have done in Wallsend. Monitor trends in your industry, stay up-to-date with social media (including observing your competitors), and analyse your company data to determine if sales or customer traffic have changed over time and consider why this may be happening. 

In doing this, it could help determine if the time is right to reconsider how your business is presented or could have improved signage to help it stand out.

Retail shop light box signage designs for a hairdresser

Part of the service that we offer at Screen Signs is to create mock ups of your new signage ideas. This way you can visualise what your new signs might look like. In this example we provided a couple of variations with the new logo design with reversed colours. In the end Hair Truss & Co decided to run with the darker colour palette option which you can see in the gallery.

The benefit of getting mock ups is that it eliminates all the guesswork and you can visually see how your business will be presented.

We also did this for the awning and window signage using variations in colours, lettering and backgrounds to see what might work well for this location

Gift voucher stationary for a hair dresser

When you are rebranding your business you can start thinking about every touch point that a potential customer may have. This could be everything from your social media profiles to business cards, printed stationary and even things like gift vouchers or appointment reminder cards. Every single digital or printed element that any person will see should look and feel the same to really maximise your branding & aid recollection.

Once the overall designs were agreed to we helped them not only produce business cards but very simple to use Gift Vouchers as well.

Staff uniforms for a hair dresser

Many people think that a signage company can only produce printed signs, but these days with the technology available we are able to also print your logo onto staff uniforms. So that means you can order brand new window signage, awning signs, light box, window lettering and get your uniforms branded as well so that every element of your business looks consistent

New retail shop signage installation for a hairdresser

This hairdresser was originally called Aditi Hair Wallsend and has now become Hair Truss & Co. It is a great example of a rebranding of a business in the Newcastle area that has been done really well. 

When Peta the owner felt the business no longer stood out from the crowd, she knew it was time for a change and identified the need to modernise their signage to attract a broader range of customers. Hair Truss & Co engaged Screen Signs to provide our shop signage design and installation services. Screen Signs actually designed the original Aditi Hair Signage, so we were thrilled to provide our services to Hair Truss & Co for this exciting new project.

One of the reasons that this hairdresser chose Screen Signs to design, print & install their new retail shop signage was our ability to provide an end to end service. They didn’t have to worry about anything because they knew once the design mock ups were approved that we would take care of the rest by installing the new lightbox, awning signage and new window signage.

At Screen Signs, we are committed to making any retail shop signage request as simple as possible for a business owner to manage. From design to installation, we will get the job done efficiently, and to the highest standard. Is your business in need of a rebrand? We understand that changing your business’ presentation can be daunting, but we can provide a free consultation to share some ideas and show you how easy it could be.

What other types of business signage could this hairdresser use?

Well the photos tell the story, the hairdressing salon looks amazing with the combination of new store signage together with their updated internal fit out, new uniforms, business cards and other stationary. Although, there are still other signage types that can be created using the same graphic design ideas, such as;

  • Vehicle signage; if the hairdressing salon offered mobile services for make up or hair for example then the company vehicle whether it is a car, van, ute or truck could have signage applied to it. The simplest way would be to have the logo on the doors and bonnet, although they could do a full vehicle wrap which has a photo of their salon, their address and website details to be a moving billboard, literally. Another example is to place lettering on the rear window so the name is shown to people as they are sitting in traffic, this can hopefully create extra awareness.
  • A Frame signage; depending on the local council requirements they may be able to place an A Frame on the footpath to attract the attention of people walking by. If they were to order a chalk board A Frame then they could have specials for different days or other information to share with people to attract them inside. For Hair Truss & Co they decided to create a static A Frame that had their name & phone number on it as you can see pictured above.
  • Banner flags; depending on the local council requirements and the size of the banner flag they may be able to place these on the corner of the street or outside their shop to attract attention. The movement of the banner flag with the breeze can catch someone’s eye and it is something different for people to notice and look at as they walk by.

We hope you enjoyed our behind the scenes look at how another business has approached their new signage project. At Screen Signs, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and are always happy to come up with some mock up ideas to get things started.

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