Car dealership promotional vehicle signage in Newcastle

Our vehicle signage company can design, print & install text, logos on a car, suv or van as well as half or full vehicle wraps for car dealerships. See how we do it.
Car dealership vehicle graphics and signage in Newcastle

Vehicle signage for car dealerships in Newcastle

Every car dealer wants to maximise the ways they can promote their range of vehicles whether it is a new model just launched or for some other type of seasonal promotion. Getting vehicle graphics printed that are placed on the doors, windows, boot or bonnet is a very cost effective way to achieve this. While most dealers will list their vehicles on carsales there are many other ways a dealership can promote their vehicle stock. We are a signage company based in Cardiff that can help a car dealership in Newcastle to design, print and install vehicle graphics, signage, half or full vehicle wraps to launch a new model, get exposure for a seasonal promotion or show off special deals.

The vehicle signage design brief

For this signage design brief Cardiff Ford wanted to get signage for their dealer demonstrator vehicles that prominently displayed their name, the manufacturers logo (Ford in this case) and their website. We were asked to provide a measure / quote, graphic design mock ups, production and installation for the new signage.

Their goal was to make sure that any demonstrator model whether it was a sedan, SUV or sports car had signage on either side of the vehicle to remind pedestrians about their location & website address if people wanted more information. Once the signage was on the vehicles it would create 24 hour visibility for the brand to help grow local awareness around Newcastle for each vehicle model. 

It is such an effective way to promote a new or existing vehicle model in the local region especially if there are other forms of demand generation activities taking place. A potential consumer might be reminded of the vehicle a few times in different places. 

If a sales person or staff member drives the vehicle on a main road, park it at a shopping centre or even go to a local event, people passing by will be able to see what the vehicle is and where they can look at one for themselves. It is a very practical and cost effective way for a car dealership to promote new models because people can literally see the vehicle on the open road but also very quickly identify what it is & where to either buy or look at one. It is simply one of the best ways to drive product or brand awareness.

What did the scope of work include for this vehicle signage?

The scope of work to get this signage installed on the new vehicles for the dealership included;

  • Client meeting to clarify the scope of work required.
  • Confirming the available budget and approximate costs to get signage for multiple vehicles.
  • Visiting the car dealership to measure the available space on the vehicles to design the right size decals.
  • Collecting all the required artwork files.
  • Creating suitable artwork and design variations for the car dealership to review and approve.
  • Produce the decals which involved a layup on 3 separate colours all to be vinyl cut and pieced together correctly on the cars.
  • Install the new vehicle graphics using a cut weed Install. We applied the applied the vinyl cut decals consisting of 3 separate colours to the front doors, upper rear of the sides of the car, and the rear tailgate of the cars.

What did this vehicle signage cost?

The cost for this vehicle signage will typically vary from between $500 to $3,000 depending on the amount of vehicles to have the graphics installed on and how large the signage will be.

Part of the cost consideration isn’t just the materials it is also the labour required and in this case it took about 5 hours to complete using high quality Avery Dennison 800 Premium Cast materials. The Avery Dennison 800 Premium Cast product is used for signage because it has a medium-to-long lifespan that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. 

It can be installed over corrugations, simple/compound-curved substrates and rivets with great adhesive performance and face-film stability which allows for fast and accurate application of finished lettering and graphics to curved or corrugated surfaces making it ideal for cars, trucks, vans or even SUV’s with their unique body shapes.

It can be produced in a selection of 85 standard gloss, matt and metallic colours which makes it very easy to customise for any brand so that it meets your corporate identity guidelines. This signage material is great for retail signage, way-finding, decorations, outdoor ads and vehicle graphics.

The best part is that this type of signage can be removed without damaging the paint of the vehicle.

Learn more about our vehicle signage and pricing here.

Is a full vehicle wrap a good idea for a demonstrator vehicle at a dealership?

The car dealerships in Newcastle often use various types of vehicle graphics and signage for promotional activities. These graphics can help a dealer to increase brand visibility of their location (or a vehicle model), reach a larger audience if the vehicle is driven regularly, and promote special offers. Common types of vehicle graphics and signage include;

  1. Full Vehicle Wraps: Vehicle wraps involve covering the entire vehicle or a significant portion of it with colourful and eye-catching graphics that showcase the business’s branding, logo, and key messages. Vehicle wraps can be a highly effective way to create a mobile billboard for a car, van or SUV model. Printing technology can allow you to recreate advertising creative that might be getting used on TV, billboards, print or digital advertising so that it looks consistent across all mediums, this aids consumer recall.

  2. Partial Vehicle Wraps: Instead of covering the entire vehicle, a dealership might opt for partial wraps that cover specific sections, such as the sides or back. This can be a cost-effective way to create an impactful design without covering the entire vehicle.

  3. Vinyl Lettering and Decals: Vinyl lettering and decals are custom-cut graphics that can be applied to various parts of the vehicle, such as doors, windows, or the back. These can include dealer or vehicle names, logos, contact information, and taglines.

  4. Magnetic Signs: Magnetic signs are temporary and can be easily applied and removed from the vehicle. They are often used by a dealer that don’t want to permanently alter their vehicle’s appearance but still want a mobile advertising option.

  5. Window Graphics: Window graphics can be applied to the vehicle’s windows to display promotional messages, business hours, or special offers. Perforated vinyl films are commonly used for this purpose, allowing visibility from the inside while displaying the graphic on the outside, especially on rear windows.

  6. Reflective Graphics: Reflective graphics are designed to be highly visible at night when light shines on them, making them suitable to catch the attention of people at night.

Can vehicle signage be removed easily?

One of the biggest concerns most car dealers have about putting signage on their vehicles is whether it might damage the paint. There are lots of factors involved but generally speaking any signage can be removed to make it easy to resell the vehicle. 

  1. Magnetic Signs: Magnetic signs are designed to be easily applied and removed from a vehicle’s metal surface. They adhere through magnets and can be taken off without leaving any residue. This makes them a popular choice for temporary or occasional signage.

  2. Vinyl Lettering and Decals: Vinyl lettering and decals can be removed, but the ease of removal varies based on factors such as the quality of the vinyl, the length of time they have been applied, and the conditions they have been exposed to. Generally, high-quality vinyl graphics can be removed without damaging the vehicle’s paint, especially if they are removed relatively soon after installation.

  3. Partial Wraps: Partial wraps are typically designed to be removed without causing damage to the vehicle’s paint. They are often installed using high-quality vinyl that can be peeled off without leaving residue or causing harm to the underlying surface.

  4. Vehicle Wraps: Full vehicle wraps can be removed, but the process can be more involved and time-consuming compared to other types of signage simply because of the surface area that has been covered. Professional installers will often use heat and special tools to carefully remove the wrap without damaging the vehicle’s paint. The quality of the wrap material and the installation process can impact how easily it can be removed.

It’s important to note that the condition of the vehicle’s paint and the quality of the materials used can influence how easily signage can be removed. Proper installation and removal techniques are essential to ensure that the vehicle’s surface remains undamaged. 

In most cases signage is put on new vehicles and this isn’t too much of an issue, a full detail can often restore the vehicle’s paint surface back to new in no time.

What other types of signage could this car dealer use to promote their vehicles?

If a new vehicle model is being launched there can be other types of signage that is used by a car dealer to promote the specific model or specification. These can be designed together so they have a consistent look and feel which will create harmony across all touch points.

  • Banner flags; banner flags can be made for a car dealership that has the logo and vehicle model printed on them. These can be placed outside on the street or the yard to attract attention with their movement. If they are needed for an event they can be packed up and used for a vehicle display at a shopping centre for example.
  • Vinyl banners for fences; some car dealerships have a fence that surrounds the yard, its possible to have a vinyl banner printed that can promote the brand, an actual image of the vehicle and promotional messaging to ‘wrap’ the boundary of the site.
  • Flag poles; car dealerships might have existing flag poles or could have new ones installed across the boundary of the yard to then have multiple flags flying to promote a new vehicle.
  • Way finding signage; a car dealership might have standard entry and exit way finding signs on their driveways that could be updated to include the directional information but also highlight the new model being released.
  • Building signage; sometimes a ‘shop in shop’ might be created for a car dealership to have a separate section just for a specific model of vehicle, especially if it is brand new or needs a different shopping experience. On the outside of the building specific signage can be installed to promote this.
  • Window signage; temporary window signage could be put on doors or showroom glass windows that highlights the new vehicle model being available. This could be a complete covering that is see through or even a ‘frame’ that runs around the edge of the window with the vehicle showcased inside.

We hope you enjoyed our explanation about how a car dealership can get signage for their vehicles. At Screen Signs, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and are always happy to come up with some mock up ideas to get things started.

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