Vehicle and window signage for a business in Charlestown

We created new business signage for Activated Concepts to use on their work vehicles and inside their offices on their windows. See what we did
Vehicle signage in Newcastle for a MG ZS SUV Driver side

Signage for business in Charlestown

Every business wants to attract new customers and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is to have any company vehicles covered with signage on the doors or windows. Activated Concepts in Charlestown engaged our signage services to design signage for their company cars as well as the glass wall panels in their office. 

They had a new SUV on order from a local car dealer in Newcastle. The business wanted new graphics designed and installed on their MG3 SUV on the sides, rear and boot area of the vehicle. At the same time they wanted to use the same design ideas applied to the internal glass wall dividers for their office so that everything looked consistent for their business. 

Our signage company based in Cardiff can help any business to design, print and install vehicle graphics, internal window signage and privacy frosting.

The business signage design brief

The signage design brief that we received from the MG car dealership in Charlestown, Newcastle was to provide a measure, quote, design, production and installation for new decals on a new MG3 hatchback. Activated Concepts had actually purchased vehicles for their staff to use and drive around Newcastle with. So they wanted to get decals applied to each vehicle that would display the company’s logo and contact details.

This would create 24 hour visibility for the brand to help grow local awareness around Newcastle for their services. It is such an effective way to promote a business in a local region. Every time one of the staff drive the vehicle on a main road, park it at a shopping centre or even go to a local event, people passing by will be reminded about their business & services offered.

If the vehicle is sold the signage can easily be removed.


Office window signage
There were two main priorities for their office window signage;

  • Placing a frosted banner with the company logo over the staff offices
  • Placing privacy window frosting over the meeting room walls.


Privacy frosting, also known as frosted glass or etched glass film, offers a range of benefits when applied to glass windows, particularly in meeting rooms or office spaces, these include;

  1. Privacy: The primary benefit of privacy frosting is, of course, enhanced privacy. It obscures the view from outside, preventing people from seeing clearly into the meeting room. This is especially important for confidential discussions, sensitive presentations, or meetings where sensitive information is being shared. You can choose the level of transparency for the frosting so there is some visibility or lots.

  2. Aesthetics: Frosted glass adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall design of the meeting room. It can create a modern, professional look that enhances the aesthetics of the space without completely covering a window or obstructing a view completely.

  3. Natural Light: Privacy frosting allows natural light to pass through while diffusing it, reducing glare and creating a softer, more comfortable interior environment. This can help improve the overall lighting conditions in the meeting room or a walkway.

  4. Reduced Glare: Frosted glass reduces glare caused by direct sunlight or artificial lighting. This is especially beneficial during presentations, video conferences, or when using screens or projectors in the meeting room.

  5. Branding and Design: Privacy frosting can be customised to include company logos, patterns, or specific designs. This provides an opportunity to reinforce your brand identity and create a unique visual element within the office space.

  6. Flexibility and Cost: Applying privacy frosting is generally more cost-effective than replacing entire glass panels with frosted glass. It also offers flexibility as it can be easily removed or replaced if design preferences change.

What did the scope of work include for this business signage project?

The scope of work to get this signage designed, printed and installed included;

  • Client meeting to clarify the scope of work required.
  • Confirming the available budget and approximate costs to get signage for multiple vehicles.
  • Visiting the car dealership to measure the available space on the vehicles to design the right size of decals.
  • Collecting all the required artwork files.
  • Creating suitable artwork and design variations for the car dealership to review and approve.
  • Produce the decals which involved a layup on 3 separate colours all to be vinyl cut and pieced together correctly on the cars.
  • Install the new vehicle graphics using a cut weed Install which was done off site. We applied the applied the vinyl cut decals consisting of 3 separate colours to the front doors, upper rear of the sides of the car, and the rear tailgate of the cars.

What did the signage cost?

The cost for this vehicle signage will typically vary from between $500 to $3,000 depending on the amount of vehicles to have the graphics installed on and how large the signage will be.

Part of the cost consideration isn’t just the materials it is also the labour required and in this case it took about 5 hours to complete using high quality Avery Dennison 800 Premium Cast materials. The Avery Dennison 800 Premium Cast product is used for signage because it has a medium-to-long lifespan that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. 

It can be installed over corrugations, simple/compound-curved substrates and rivets with great adhesive performance and face-film stability which allows for fast and accurate application of finished lettering and graphics to curved or corrugated surfaces making it ideal for cars, trucks, vans or even SUV’s with their unique body shapes.

It can be produced in a selection of 85 standard gloss, matt and metallic colours which makes it very easy to customise for any brand so that it meets your corporate identity guidelines. This signage material is great for retail signage, way-finding, decorations, outdoor ads and vehicle graphics.

Learn more about our vehicle signage and pricing here.

What should you consider when getting vehicle signage?

So on one hand getting vehicle signage for cars that staff use is great, they now become a mobile billboard for whatever messaging is on the vehicle. This could pose a problem if for example it is an admin staff member driving but a potential customer thinks it is a sales person and starts asking questions about the vehicle.

The simple solution is to have either brochures or a QR code on the vehicle together with the phone number to refer people to the information they are looking for. 

The other consideration is how to manage getting signage installed on multiple vehicles. The first option is to bring each one to our workshop to get done. Although for this project we organised to have all the work carried out at the dealership to make the process a lot easier to manage for all involved. While there is an extra cost involved it saves the time of staff driving back and forth.

What other types of signage could this business use?

Any business in Newcastle can use different types of signage to build brand awareness, promote new products/services or get exposure for promotions. These can be designed together so they have a consistent look and feel which will create harmony across all touch points.

  • Banner flags; banner flags can be made for a business that has the logo and key messageprinted on them. These can be placed outside on the street or at an event to attract attention with their movement. If they are needed for an event they can be packed up and used for a display at a shopping centre for example, expo or conference.
  • Vinyl banners for fences; some businesses have a fence that surrounds their parking area, its possible to have a vinyl banner printed that can promote the brand, an actual image of the services or products sold and/or promotional messaging to ‘wrap’ the boundary of the site.
  • Flag poles; some businesses might have existing flag poles or could have new ones installed across the boundary of the property to then have multiple flags flying to promote the company.
  • Way finding signage; a business might have standard entry and exit way finding signs on their driveways that could be updated to include the existing directional information but also their logo.
  • Building signage; depending if the business owns the building they are using it will be possible to get new external building signage produced. This is also true for most sites that are rented for business purposes. A sign can be produced in different materials to be placed on a brick wall or other external surfaces as needed. This might even include a lightbox design that is lit at night.

We hope you enjoyed our behind the scenes look at how we produced signage for a local business. At Screen Signs, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and are always happy to come up with some mock up ideas to get things started.

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