New feather flags printed & installed for a school

We can design, print and install feather flags that can be used by a pre school, business, retail shop or event. See how we made these flags for a pre school
Feather flag design and printing in Cardiff NSW for a pre school

New feather flags for a school in Newcastle

Our our sign writing shop in Cardiff near Newcastle designs, prints and installs feather flags. Feather flags are a very simple and economical way to draw attention to your location. Macquarie Hills Preschool wanted new feather flags in Newcastle so they could attract more attention from motorists driving past or people walking along at their location on the busy Macquarie Road

Using feather flags to promote a pre school

Using feather flags to attract attention

If your pre school is located on a main road then the most cost effective way to advertise vacancies, enrollment dates or other information is to use feather flags. They are cost effective, easily replaced and can be updated with new information very easily. They can be installed on a fence, on a post or even a wall so they can be visible most of the day.

As you can see in the photo above the location of this pre school was right next to a busy main road. So by using the feather flags which flutter in the wind the bright colouring can draw attention as people are driving by. 

With the feather flags installed on the fence on a tall pole they can be seen from the road even though their pre school sits a little lower on the ground below. By using feather flags they have 24/7 advertising to attract new parents to either visit their pre school or at least go home and research their business online.

Why should pre schools use feather flags?

A feather flag, also known as a feather banner or flutter flag, is a type of outdoor advertising banner that is designed to catch the attention of passersby with its distinctive shape and movement. It typically consists of a tall, slender flag attached to a flexible pole, creating a “feather” or “fluttering” effect when exposed to wind or airflow. 

Feather flags are commonly used for advertising, promotions, and events to draw attention to a business or location like a pre school, and this is why they are s. Here are some key characteristics and uses of feather flags:

  • Shape and design: Feather flags have a unique, curved or concave shape that resembles a feather or blade. This shape allows the flag to flutter and wave in the wind, making it highly visible and eye-catching.
  • Material: Feather flags are typically made of lightweight, weather-resistant materials such as polyester or nylon. The flag material is often printed with custom graphics, logos, text, or artwork to convey a specific message or brand identity.
  • Pole: The flag is attached to a flexible and durable pole, usually made of aluminum or maybe PVC. This pole allows the flag to stand upright and sway with the wind, creating movement that attracts attention.
  • Variety of Sizes: Feather flags come in various sizes, from a few feet to a few metres tall. The choice of size depends on the intended use and visibility requirements.
  • Base Options: To keep the feather flag stable, it is typically mounted on a base. The base options include ground spikes for outdoor use, cross bases for indoor or hard surface use, and water-filled bases for added stability.
  • Portability: Feather flags are easy to assemble, disassemble, and transport, making them suitable for both temporary and permanent advertising installations. It means you could put them out during the day & then take them back inside when not in use. They can easily be transported in a vehicle.
  • Versatility: Feather flags are versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes, including promoting sales, announcing events, directing traffic, or simply enhancing brand visibility.
  • Customisation: Businesses and organisations can customise feather flags with their own designs, colours, logos, and messages to align with their branding and promotional goals. So for this pre school they wanted something simple, bright and eye catching.
  • Visibility: Feather flags are effective at grabbing attention from a distance and can be seen from various angles, making them ideal for roadside advertising, trade shows, outdoor events, and storefronts.
  • Cost-effective: Feather flags are a cost-effective advertising solution compared to some other types of signage and banners. They offer a high level of visibility for a relatively low investment.

What other types of signs could a pre school use

A pre school has lots of choices when it comes to signs that can be made to promote their location. 

  • A Frame signs; these fold up and can be laid flat for transportation. Double sided in nature people can see what is written on them from a distance. They could be placed out on the foot path to share promotional information, enrolment dates etc.
  • Flag pole; some pre schools like to show the Australian flag so a flag pole can be installed in the yard very easily
  • Vehicle graphics; the design that gets used on the feather flags or other forms of signage can be applied as vehicle graphics as well. So if the school has vehicles that staff drive or they have a bus for students this can be branded using graphics, decals, a half or full vehicle wrap. This would create even more promotional opportunities in the local area.
  • Building signs; you can see in the earlier photo we shared this pre school also has a huge wall that faces the main road. This can be covered with building signage that is bright, large & easy to read to compliment the feather flag signs

What other types of signs do we sell for pre schools?

Below is a sample of the types of signs that we can design, print and install. Our sign writing service has a simple motto ‘if you think it, we can print it’

We hope you enjoyed our behind the scenes look at how another business has approached their new signage project. You can visit our sign writing shop in Cardiff near Newcastle in New South Wales. At Screen Signs, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and are always happy to come up with some mock up ideas to get things started.

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