Compliant mine spec signage in Cardiff

If you have a fleet of vehicles that require mine spec signage decals applied to the doors, bonnet, boot or ute tray we can design, print & install them for you, see how
Mine spec signage for a vehicle in Cardiff

Mine spec vehicle signage and decals

Kenshaw has a fleet of vehicles that have to visit mine sites so they engaged Screen Signs to design, print and install mine spec vehicle signage on their utes. Mine spec vehicle signage is different to applying normal stickers or logos or even getting a full vehicle wrap, this type of vehicle signage must comply with NSW regulations to ensure they are safe and compliant to be driven on mining sites. Our sign writing and graphic design service in Cardiff near Newcastle in NSW has completed lots of vehicle signage installations for businesses who own vehicles that visit mining sites in the Newcastle-Hunter region. 

We can design, print and install graphics, lettering, stickers or wraps that are suitable for mine site vehicle fit outs in NSW.

Buy mine spec vehicle stickers or graphics on a van, ute or truck

Thi company bought the following mine spec vehicle fit out service for from our sign writing company;

  • Printing and installation of mine spec vehicle signse onto the doors, bonnet and trays of their fleet vehicle
  • Installation of regular vinyl decals first so that the diamond grade reflective material can be easily removed without damaging the paint

There are a wide range of vehicle signage options available including lettering, graphics or one way vision window signs. Although mine spec vehicles need signs that focus on safety and identification to meet regulatory requirements. Mine spec vehicle signage which is all about simple identification of each vehicle as well as reflective safety signage so that any vehicle can be clearly seen during the day or night while on mining sites in NSW.

Kenshaw contracted Screen Signs to print and install new mine spec vehicle signs to their new Isuzu utes. Our experienced sign writing staff recommended installing diamond reflective striping across the ute body, tray sides & read while also installing three ID numbers on the tray and one on the bonnet to ensure it would meet the compliance requirements.

This is the only way Kenshaw can send workers to mine sites while adhering to the NSW regulations. Our sign installation service included backing the reflective stripe and the bonnet stickers with standard vinyl as the reflective adhesive is quite aggressive and not easy to remove later. Where the strip will be installed is thoroughly cleaned before it is placed onto the vehicle. The brand signage is pop rivetted into the designated places on the tray, both sides and rear. 

Mine spec vehicle sticker costs & materials

Typically this type of mine spec signage installation will take around two to three hours to complete and cost between $500 and $1500 inc gst depending on how large the vehicle is, how many decals are required or how difficult the vehicle is to work with. Each vehicle will have different dimensions, shapes and contours that we have to work with so putting decals on a car will be typically easier than a ute or 4WD.

We use high quality 3M Yellow Diamond Grade Reflective Striping, 3M Yellow Diamond Grade Reflective Vinyl and 
Avery Dennison 800 Premium Cast series sign white sheet that is all cut to size to suit the vehicleWe provide a number of options for asset number solutions, from basic cut-out vinyl to reflective stickers and ‘Mine Spec’ Hiviz, even magnetic, we have an option that will suit any application.

We don’t cut corners and always make sure to use the latest technology and production methods so that any high vis decals that are produced are not only high quality but will last a long time on your vehicle. We use signage materials that conform to Australian Standards such as 3M’s Diamond Grade High Visibility. Not only is it the best you can buy but it is a requirement that should be specified on any quotation you receive, be wary of cheap mine spec signage quotes.

To ensure the signage lasts a long time we print your numbers directly onto the media, instantly removing the usual vinyl layer so that even if the ute goes through a car wash or you use high pressure cleaner you won’t wipe the numbers off. There is the option to then also apply a UV protecting clear laminate to extend the life of the signage and look great for a long time.

Mining and construction vehicle tapes

In the rugged terrains of the mining and construction world, every gleam of light serves as a beacon of safety. It’s a realm where visibility isn’t just about seeing; it’s about being seen. And this is where the mastery of sign writing transforms from a mere craft into a lifesaving art. As we delve into the intricacies of designing and printing reflective tape and graphics for mining and construction vehicles, we embrace a responsibility that transcends aesthetics — we champion safety.

Before a sign writer can leave their mark on a vehicle, they must first understand the environment in which their art will operate. Mining and construction sites are often places of chaos and hazard, where the difference between being noticed or neglected can mean the difference between life and death. The role of reflective tape and graphics thus becomes paramount in ensuring that every vehicle is an unmistakable presence on the site.

  • Reflectivity: Materials used must meet specific standards for reflectivity, ensuring that vehicles are visible at night and in poor light conditions.
  • Durability: The tape and graphics must withstand extreme weather, abrasion, and the harsh conditions of a construction or mining site.
  • Color Coding: Certain colors are designated for specific types of vehicles or warnings, and this color coding must be adhered to for consistency and universal recognition.
  • Placement: Reflective materials must be placed on all sides of the vehicle to ensure 360-degree visibility, often with specific size and placement regulations for different types of vehicles.
  • High-quality reflective vinyl: is the cornerstone of our palette, ensuring that each vehicle dons a coat of light that is both resilient and radiant. This vinyl must be cut and applied with precision, ensuring no edge peels or color fades before its time.

Designing the graphics for these vehicles is a balancing act between form and function so an experienced sign writer must:

  • Create designs that maximise visibility without compromising the vehicle’s function.
  • Incorporate company branding in a way that does not interfere with the tape’s reflective properties.
  • Ensure that all lettering is clear, legible, and sized according to regulations.
  • Design and print the tape to confirm to all the required regulatory requirements.

The process of applying reflective tape and graphics is meticulous. Every strip of tape, every decal, is measured against the vehicle’s dimensions and the legal requirements. The surface must be prepared — cleaned of dirt, grease, and grime — to ensure that when the tape adheres, it is for a long period and in harsh conditions.

Why do vehicles require mine spec signage?

Every mine has to keep control of every vehicle or piece of machinery on the site. Managing a fleet of vehicles for mine owners is a complicated task and trying to read license plate numbers can be time consuming and difficult if the lower parts of a vehicle are dirty. That is why any vehicle on a mining site must have mine spec signage which has been designed for high visibility and to be placed on all sides of any car, truck or ute.

The MGD15 is a guideline that sets out the safety requirements for the design, manufacture and operation of Mobile and Transportable equipment for use in New South Wales mines. It forms part of what is required for mine spec vehicles to ensure they are optimised for onsite safety and required for most mining operations. Other items might include flashing beacons, warning signals, and specific seating. 

Vehicles in NSW are required to have mine spec signage to ensure the safety of everyone on site, including workers and visitors. This type of vehicle signage communicates important information about the vehicle’s purpose, equipment, and specific safety features that are necessary for operation in a mining environment. 

Getting decals and wording applied to sections of the vehicle that indicate any potential hazards, such as high voltages, restricted visibility, or dangerous equipment being carried. In more simple terms it helps number and identify vehicles in a fleet that are being used on site which can be used when communicating by phone or radio to send instructions.

By clearly signalling potential hazards, the risk of accidents, injuries or fatalities can be reduced. Not only does this protect the workers and visitors in the mining site, but it also prevents delays in production, ensuring work can continue safely and efficiently. The proper application of mine spec signage is essential for any vehicle operating in a mining context, as it helps maintain a high level of safety and compliance with relevant regulations.

In general, mine spec signage requirements aim to enhance safety in mining and industrial environments by ensuring vehicles are clearly marked and identifiable. These requirements may include specifications for reflective tape, identification signs, hazard warnings, and more. To find the most up-to-date information on vehicle mine spec signage compliance requirements in NSW, you should refer to official sources such as:

  1. NSW Resources Regulator: The NSW Resources Regulator oversees mine safety and regulations. They provide information about compliance requirements, regulations, and guidelines related to mine sites and vehicles. Check their website for the latest information.

  2. Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) NSW: The RMS is responsible for road safety regulations and vehicle compliance. They may have information about vehicle signage requirements, especially for vehicles that need to travel on public roads to access mine sites.

  3. Australian Standard AS 1319: This standard provides guidance on safety signs and their use. It might have information on general signage requirements, including those related to mines.

Mine spec vehicle stickers for doors

Putting signage on the doors of a car, truck or ute is the simplest way to make sure your vehicle is mine spec compliant. It is typically the largest surface are available on any vehicle so it means the vehicle number, reflective stripe and even a company logo can be made visible with different decal types.

Reflective mine spec vehicle sticker signage

Mine spec signage requirements stipulate that any decals are also reflective so that if vehicles are getting used at night time they can be seen from a long distance.

Together with flashing lights and other illumination devices it can ensure the vehicle is seen by workers or pedestrians at any time of day. Reflective vehicle graphics can be printed and applied to the body, ute tray, bonnet, doors or boot of a vehicle.

Buy vehicle graphics and signs near Cardiff, Newcastle

Our shop is located in Cardiff near Newcastle in NSW that provides sign writing services that transform plain vehicles into moving messages, roaming billboards, and canvases that carry a company’s name everywhere. Screen Signs can turn the mundane into the mobile extraordinary.

The First Stroke

A vehicle enters the workshop of Screen Signs, a blank page on which a story is about to unfold. Clients come with visions — a brand to showcase, a message to broadcast, a service to advertise. And the team at Screen Signs, we listen. We understand that this isn’t just about sticking vinyl onto metal; it’s about breathing life into a brand, one vehicle at a time. Or, in the case of mine spec signage, making signage that is safe, compliant and legal.

Crafting Your Narrative

At Screen Signs, the process begins with your story. Who are you as a business? What’s the essence of your brand? This isn’t a one-size-fits-all operation; it’s a bespoke tailoring of your corporate identity onto a vehicle that will carry it far and wide. The designers at Screen Signs are akin to novelists, translating your corporate narrative into visual splendour from basic contact details to rich visuals of products and services, from decals to complete wraps.

Precision Meets Passion

With the narrative in hand, the real magic begins. Our designers at Screen Signs employ cutting-edge design tools to bring your vision to life. We understand that a vehicle isn’t a flat canvas — it has curves, edges, and character. The design must flow with the vehicle’s contours, turning it into a head-turning masterpiece.

Quality That Travels

The materials used by Screen Signs are not merely about aesthetics; they’re about endurance. They choose high-grade, weather-resistant vinyl that can stand up to the relentless sun, the pouring rain, and the test of time. When Screen Signs installs a decal, it’s not just for today; it’s for the countless tomorrows and the many miles ahead.

A Symphony of Service

What sets Screen Signs apart is their symphony of service. From the first consultation to the unveiling of the vehicle, they are with you every step of the way. They understand that time is money, especially in business, and so they work to ensure that your vehicle is off the road for as little time as possible.

In Cardiff, NSW, Screen Signs stands as a beacon of branding excellence, a place where vehicles are transformed into vessels of visual impact. We understand that a decal is more than decoration; it’s an investment in your brand’s visibility and growing your business.

What types of vehicle signs and graphics do we sell?

We hope you enjoyed our behind the scenes look at how another business has approached their new signage project. You can visit our sign writing shop in Cardiff near Newcastle in New South Wales. At Screen Signs, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and are always happy to come up with some mock up ideas to get things started.

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