Mount Hutton Child Care Centre new building signage

We created new building signage for a child care centre in Mount Hutton to compliment a beautiful mural on their wall. See what our sign shop created
Signage for Mount Hutton Child Care Centre

Outdoor building signage for a child care centre

Mount Hutton Child Care & Pre School engaged our sign shop, Screen Signs, to help design, print and install new outdoor building signs at their location. They wanted to update their old signs and create a more vibrant new look for their child care centre in Lake Macquarie Fair Shopping Centre.

We create signs from our sign shop in Cardiff located near Newcastle on the Central Coast in NSW, Australia.

The new building signs they needed

The new building sign design brief that we received from this child care centre was to design an external signage that could be placed at the front entrance to their location while blending into the colour palette of the existing guttering and fencing. We sat down with our graphic designer at our sign shop to create something that would be modern and in harmony with the beautifully crafted mural recently completed by the talented J Watson Art Incorporate and embrace the local area of Mount Hutton. 

So our design goals were to clearly communicate the information they wanted to display to their clientele and the general public while also incorporating their long-standing association in the Mount Hutton Community. 

New building signs designed for a child care centre


Their team had some ideas that they discussed with our graphic design team at Screen Signs. This included the desire to remove the old logo to give it a fresh look. The new sign design ideas included incorporating Australian native flowers like the Waratah or Wattle that is prevalent in the local community of Mount Hutton. 

Our graphic design team at Screen Signs helped to visualise their ideas and we created a number of mock ups for their consideration, although, after their review it was evident they felt that the flowers were detracting from that beautiful mural on the existing wall (as shown in the photo above)

So the signage design that we came up with was all about paring back the layout, updating the fonts with a few tweaks to ended up with the finished result which was a simple black on white design. The team at Mount Hutton Child Care were a pleasure to deal with and this was a great example of a business collaborating closely with a signage company to come up with a solution to presenting a business in an existing site.

Once the new signs were printed printed, we delivered them on site and installed them onto the fascia of the building after removing the old ones.


Child care advertising signs, banners and flags

Our sign shop designs and prints all kinds of pre school and child care advertising banners, flags and promotional signage. If you have a child care or pre school that is located in a residential area, on a main road or even in a shopping centre we have different types of signs that can be printed and installed either indoors or outdoors very easily.

You can buy new feather banner flags that can be installed on a fence, a frame signs that can be placed on a foot path, new Australian flag for a flag pole or vinyl banner signs that can wrap a wall or fence. There are lots of options to choose from that can promote new enrolments, events or other special activities for kids and parents.

Here is a sample below but we have many more available to choose from as well


Child care centres or Preschools can use various types of signage to effectively promote their location and attract attention from potential families and community members;

  1. Monument Signs: These are large, freestanding signs typically placed at the entrance of a child care centre or preschool. They are highly visible from the road and can display the preschool’s name, logo, and contact information, making it easy for passersby to identify and locate it.

  2. Building Signs: As we explained earlier in this story, these can be mounted on the exterior walls or fascia areas of a building. They can be illuminated or non-illuminated and typically prominently feature the location’s name and branding. This type of sign is crucial for visibility and branding, especially in urban or densely populated areas.

  3. Window Decals and Graphics: Utilising the windows, these can display colourful, engaging graphics, the logo, educational motifs, or contact information. They are excellent for attracting the attention of parents and children, as well as for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the building.

  4. A-Frame Signs: Also known as sandwich boards, these can be placed on the sidewalk or pathway leading to the preschool. They can be used to announce open days, special events, enrolment dates, or any special programs offered.

  5. Banners: Banners are versatile and can be hung on the preschool building, fences, or used during local community events. They’re great for temporary promotions, like enrolment periods or upcoming events.

  6. Directional Signage: Inside directional signs can help visitors navigate to the main office, classrooms, playground, parking area, and other important locations like the toilets. These signs are particularly helpful during open houses or tours for prospective parents.

  7. Lawn Signs: Small, freestanding signs can be placed on the grounds or in the local neighbourhood (with permission) to increase local awareness and direct people to the preschool location.

  8. Digital Signage: If budget allows, a digital sign can be an effective tool for capturing attention. They can be updated regularly to display messages, greetings, educational tips, or weather alerts.

  9. Informational Signage: Inside the preschool, informational signs can provide details about the curriculum, staff qualifications, daily schedules, and safety protocols, which can reassure visiting parents.

  10. Vehicle Graphics: If the preschool or child care centre has a vehicle for transportation, graphics and signage on the vehicle can serve as a moving advertisement, spreading awareness about the preschool in the local area.

We hope you enjoyed our behind the scenes look at how another business has approached their new signage project. At Screen Signs, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and are always happy to come up with some mock up ideas to get things started. 

Our team at Screen Signs pride ourselves in working with our clients guiding them through every step of the Signage process. Creating Signs that will stand the test of time. From design to installation Screen Signs are there with you, on the ground, real people real results. 

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