One way glass window signage in Warners Bay, Newcastle

Business owners can use their windows to advertise products or services. See how one way glass window signage can be used in very clever ways
One way glass window signage for a business
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One way window signage for a shop in Warner's Bay, Newcastle

Cetnaj in Warners Bay, Newcastle, have beautiful big glass windows for their commercial shop. If this was a showroom that was going to display furniture, lighting or maybe homewares then the windows could be used to display products. Although Cetnaj main focus is wholesale to local tradies that has evolved into retailing to local consumers. So to make their location stand out they wanted one way glass window signage installed to show off their range of products and brands being sold.

The one way glass window signage graphic design brief

The one way glass window graphic design brief that we received from Cetnaj included;

  • Creation of individual graphic designs that would adapt the provided graphics to fit into the space and sizing of each window
  • Removal of the old signage from the each of the windows.
  • Printing, supply & installation of the new one way window signage.

Screen Signs was contracted with the graphic design, printing, delivery, removal & installation of each signage element for this shop location in Warners Bay, Newcastle. Designing, printing and installing shopfront signage onto windows or walls is something our company does everyday for business owners in the Newcastle Hunter region. 

This Cetnaj location had seen the work we had completed at another site and wanted the same execution for their window signage. We conducted a site visit to look at the window areas, measure them and also determine how the old signage could be removed. Once everything was measured up we got our graphic designers to mock up the graphic design ideas for each window panel before anything was printed. 


What are the benefits of one way glass window signage for a business or retail shop?

In Newcastle, as well as in many parts of New South Wales, businesses and retail shops use a variety of one-way window signage techniques to advertise, provide privacy, and enhance the appearance of their storefronts. One way window signage can equally be used by a retail shop, cafe, office or trade service, its suitable for any type of business that wants to use its windows as promotional communication space. Here are some common types and their uses;


  • One-Way Vision Film or Perforated Window Vinyl: This is a vinyl film with tiny perforations (holes) that allow those inside to see out but limit visibility from the outside. From the outside, people see the printed graphic or advertisement, while from the inside, due to the perforations and lighting, the view is minimally obstructed and it lets light inside as well. These can be designed, printed and installed to cover a partial or full window area.
  • Frosted or Etched Window Films: These provide privacy by making the glass translucent. They can be used to display a business logo or other designs and are popular in businesses like cafes, beauty salons, and offices.
  • Vinyl Cut Lettering: These are custom-cut vinyl decals that are often applied to the inside of the window, facing outwards. They can display business names, operating hours, services, or any other information.
  • Full-Window Graphics: This involves covering the entire window with a printed vinyl graphic. Depending on the material, it might or might not be see-through from the inside.
  • Static Cling Decals: These are decals that stick to windows without adhesive, using static electricity. They’re easy to apply, reposition, and remove without leaving residue.
  • Clear Window Decals: These are transparent decals printed with designs or logos, allowing for visibility from both sides.

If you’re considering one-way window signage for a business in Newcastle, it’s important to be aware of any local regulations and requirements. Some local councils might have restrictions on window coverings, especially if they obstruct visibility or safety. It’s always a good idea to check with local authorities or a knowledgeable signage company in the area before making a decision. 

One way glass window shop signage removal and installation

In the photos above you can see the windows after they were cleared of any previous signage. The way this business operates and places their products inside the shop isn’t suited to ‘window shopping’ displays as such. They use all their available floor area to have shelving that carries stock therefore covering the windows makes a lot of sense for this type of business. Using one way window signage means they can have something placed on them, light still comes into the showroom area and there is partial visibility. The reasons you’d want to put this type of signage on your windows includes;


  1. Advertising and Branding: One-way window signage can serve as a billboard right at the business’s location. It allows companies to showcase their brand, promotions, products, or services to pedestrians and vehicular traffic. This is effective during the day and can also work at night time if the outside areas are lit.

  2. Privacy: One-way window films, especially perforated ones, offer privacy to those inside. This is particularly useful for establishments such as clinics, beauty salons, or offices that may want to shield their interior activities or clientele from public view.

  3. Light Regulation: One-way window films can help regulate the amount of sunlight entering the premises. This not only provides a more comfortable environment inside but also can help with energy savings by reducing the need for cooling.

  4. Aesthetic Appeal: Customised one-way signage can enhance the overall look of a storefront, making it more appealing and professional. It can also contribute to the establishment’s overall branding and design theme to help it stand out from all the other businesses in the vicinity.

  5. Safety and Security: By limiting the visibility into the business, one-way signage can deter potential thieves since they cannot easily see inside to scout for valuables. It also adds a layer of safety for employees and customers by preventing potential prying eyes.

  6. UV Protection: Some one-way window films offer protection against harmful UV rays, which can protect merchandise from fading and reduce the risk of UV exposure to patrons and employees.

  7. Temporary Campaigns: One-way window signage can be used for temporary advertising campaigns, sales, or events. Businesses can switch out their promotions seasonally or for specific events without a permanent commitment. They can also use it to get funding support from their suppliers to help cover the costs of installing the signage.

  8. Consistency Across Multiple Locations: Chains or franchises can maintain a consistent look and feel across multiple locations using standardised one-way window signage, reinforcing brand identity. This was the case with Cetnaj who wanted different sites to ‘feel’ the same.

  9. Space Utilisation: Walls and interior spaces are often used for shelving, displays, or décor. Using windows for advertising or information display can free up valuable interior space because you can put things up against the windows to use them as another wall effectively.

  10. Cost-Effective: Compared to other advertising mediums, one-way window signage can be cost-effective, offering extended visibility for a one-time investment.

It’s essential for businesses to balance the benefits of one-way signage with potential downsides, like reducing the natural view from inside or potentially making the interior too dark. Proper design and choice of material can help address some of these concerns while looking at your internal lighting sources will also help make sure any installation can work well. 

One way glass window signage ideas

So what are the things that other businesses have put on their one way signage? It is such a versatile medium to convey various messages and visuals to the public that the choices are basically unlimited, here are some examples;

Business Name and Logo: Example: “Café Delight” in bold letters with a steaming coffee cup logo.


Operating Hours: Example: “Open Monday to Friday: 9 AM – 6 PM, Saturday: 10 AM – 4 PM”.


Contact Information: Example: “Call Us at (123) 456-7890” or “Visit Our Website:”.


Products or Services Offered: Example for a salon: “Haircuts, Colouring, Nail Services, Bridal Make-Up”.


Current Promotions or SalesExample: “Summer Sale! Up to 50% off on selected items”.


Brief Taglines or Slogans: Example for a bookstore: “Dive into a World of Imagination”.


Social Media Icons and HandlesExample: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram icons followed by “@CafeDelight”.


QR Codes: Example: A QR code that leads to the business’s online menu or promotional webpage.


Awards or RecognitionExample: “Voted Best Coffee Shop in Town – 2022”.


Product Images or Artistic Representations: Example for a shoe store: High-resolution images of the latest shoe models or a stylised footprint.


Temporary Announcements: Example: “Now Offering Outdoor Seating!” or “New Branch Opening Soon!”



Safety Measures or Policies (especially relevant in times of health concerns): Example during a pandemic: “Masks Required for Entry” or “Hand Sanitizer Station Inside”.



Event Announcements: Example for a café: “Live Music Every Friday Night!”



Membership or Loyalty Program Information: Example: “Join Our Rewards Program and Earn Points with Every Purchase”.


Testimonials or Reviews: Example: “Best Latte in the City! – Jane Doe”.


These are just a few examples. The content and design of one-way window signage will vary based on the type of business, its goals, the target audience, and the available window space. Most one-way window signage materials are designed to be removed. However, the ease of removal can vary based on the type of material:


Perforated Window Vinyl: Generally, it can be peeled off, although sometimes a heat gun or hairdryer can assist in loosening the adhesive for easier removal.


Static Cling Vinyl: This is one of the easiest to remove since it doesn’t use adhesive. You can simply peel it off the window.


Adhesive Vinyl: Over time, especially if exposed to direct sunlight and weather, the adhesive can become more tenacious. A heat gun or hairdryer can help in softening the adhesive, making it easier to peel off. After removal, any residue can be cleaned with a mixture of soap and water or a window cleaner. In more stubborn cases, a product like “Goo Gone” or rubbing alcohol might be required.


Frosted or Etched Vinyl: Similar to adhesive vinyl, it can be removed with heat and cleaned off for any residual adhesive.


Remember, if a vinyl signage has been on a window for an extended period, or if the window is exposed to extreme conditions, removal might be a bit more challenging. It’s also crucial to be gentle during removal to avoid scratching or damaging the window.

In this example the window signage provides information about the people working inside, opening hours and contact details. This is an example of window signage that is not see through.

In this example there is a mixture of glass window signage used with business information & opening hours on the door but product services or categories featured on the individual window areas. They are all nicely framed so this design makes it quick and easy to see exactly what this business offers.

Glass window signage can be used indoors as well and in this example the frosted areas create privacy for the meeting rooms as well as communicate the values of the company. So this adds to the branding of the business while providing practicality at the same time.

Here is another example where frosted glass window signage is used to create privacy while also letting natural light into a meeting room.

What other types of signage could this business in Warner's Bay use?

For this business their signage requirements were focussed on getting the windows covered. Although like any business there are always other ways to add signage to your local marketing tactics to grow awareness, to promote your brand, specific products or even services to attract more customers and ultimately grow sales revenues;

  • Vehicle signage; If your business has a vehicle that is used to deliver goods or do site visits then the simplest thing to do would be to get vehicle graphics that have the logo on the doors and bonnet, although you can also do a half or full vehicle wrap that shows off the same information as the window signage so it is consistent. You can include things like an address and website details so that it is a mobile billboard. The vehicle could be wrapped to promote a single product or service to make it a very focussed promotional tool.
  • A Frame signage; depending on the local council requirements your shop might be able to place an A Frame on the footpath to attract the attention of people walking by. This could have a product or service featured that is replicated from one of the window signs to create more impact locally


  • Banner flags; depending on the local council requirements and the size of the banner flag they may be able to place these on the corner of the street or outside the shop to attract even more attention. The movement of the banner flag with the breeze can catch someone’s eye and it is something different for people to notice and look at as they walk by.
  • Awning signage; most businesses will have an outdoor area that has an awning, wall or other physical space that could have signage placed on it to promote the brand. Most commercial landlords will let a business place signage on these areas as long as they meet any local council requirements or strata laws for the building if it is part of a group. This can help brand a space so that it is easily identifiable and complement any signage placed on the windows or other areas.

We hope you enjoyed our behind the scenes look at how another owner approached their business signage creation project. At Screen Signs, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and are always happy to come up with some mock up ideas to get things started.

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